THE BOWLING BUSINESS IS A REWARDING and profitable business in which to invest. Just a few decades ago, one could often find only the high-average bowlers trying to get into the industry. Today, investors of all types invest in bowling, because it is such a profitable, cash business.

Whether you wish to build a bowling center or a pro shop, knowledge is the key to any successful business venture. Arming yourself with information in today's competitive marketplace is vital — and there is no better resource than in facilitating interaction between you and companies that will in turn engender long-term growth and revenue potential. Before you get started finding top industry partners and resources via our handy submission form, consider the following:

Industry Intro

•    The average cost to build a bowling center per lane is $100,000
•    A comfortable demographic of investing within an area is one person in 4,000 people.
•    There are more than 5,000 tenpin bowling centers spread throughout the country.
•    There are 12,000 bowling centers worldwide.
•    There are about 3,400 bowling centers who are members of Bowling Proprietors Association of America.
•    There are 3,250 pro shops in America.
•    Bowling is a $10 billion industry.
•    There are 67 million people who bowl at least once a year.
•    There are more than 2 million people who belong to the United States Bowling Congress.
•    The average person spends 2.5 hours when visiting a bowling center
•    Average HH Income is $71,200.

Information can be found in the US Bowler magazine media kit: Sources include Simmons Research Company


BOWLERS ARE ACTIVE, and participate in the following activities in addition to bowling (survey of USBC membership):

•    Bicycling — 19%
•    Fishing — 25%
•    Hunting — 12%
•    Golf — 31%
•    Running/Jogging — 12%
•    Swimming — 35%
•    Strength Training — 19%
•    Other Sports Activities — 96%
•    Attend Live Music/Dance — 32%
•    Visited Museum — 17%
•    Active in Public/Civic Group — 19%

Information found in US Bowler magazine media kit: sourced from the 2006 Erdos & Morgan Subscriber Study.

Must See Magazines

There are a handful of magazines investors should — no, must — see in order to stay on top of the bowling business. Whether you're planning to invest in a league-driven model or a fun recreational setting, these resources are invaluable:

Bowlers Journal International for tenpin sporting news, instructional content, and access to bowling's public — a true popular marketplace

Bowling Center Management for premier business solutions and industry analysis

Pro Shop Operator (within Bowling Center Management) for pro shop investment and strategies

Entertainment Center News (within Bowling Center Management) for non-bowling related products that serve the greater bowling industry

Getting Started — Companies to Contact

The following companies advertise within Bowlers Journal International and offer services that cater to the development of bowling centers and successful business models from the ground up. Please also use our free resource-finding service to immediately access assistance in finding the right company for you. Our proven industry knowledge and availability can help get your business booming in no time:

Brunswick —— QubicaAMF —— Murrey —— US Bowling

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