Historic center turns 50

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

La Habra “300” Bowl in La Habra, Calif., celebrated its 50th birthday recently with a full day of activities, including discounted bowling and, of course, hot dogs.

What’s a birthday party without hot dogs?

La Habra gained international recognition in 1982 when American Bowling Congress Hall of Famer Glenn Allison “tripled” the numeral in the center’s name by rolling sanctioned league bowling’s first-ever 900 series.

Sadly, the ABC, in the midst of a battle with the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America over control of the bowling environment, opted to deny official recognition to the unprecedented feat, citing non-complying lane conditions.

To this day, long-time observers of the sport consider Allison’s to be the most “legitimate” 900 ever rolld, citing numerous facts that have been reported often by BJI. Fans agree, and at one time the feat was hailed as “people sanctioned.”

Although very disappointed that the official recognition never came from ABC or the new United States Bowling Congress, Allison still says the 900 is his fondest bowling memory.

“It was a national event at the time,” he told the Orange County Register. “It’s not very often that bowling makes the front page.”

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