Hammer Raw Jacked

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

51 Hook   14.5 Length   15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Raw Jacked Assault core is the same symmetric core used in the other Raw series products. This core produced fast revs from the 2.48 RG. The .050 Diff gave us about 5” of track flare. We saw very good continuation downlane with the 4” and 5” pin distance layouts.

Coverstock: The Raw Jacked solid reactive cover is the same formula used on the original Black Widow solid released in July 2007. Coloring is a blend of copper and violet. The finish is rather dull at 1000, which matched up very well with the Assault core on oilier conditions. Oil traction was good, and response time off dry was moderate.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “Raw Hammer Jacked takes mid-price hook to an entirely new level,” said Hammer’s Jeff Ussery. “With the Raw Hammer Assault core and the Black Widow cover, this ball is a monster hooker for the money.”

Test Results: Hammer delivered the goods with this mid-priced, high-performance, product. The Raw Jacked handled all medium and some medium-heavy volumes from a myriad of angles. The low RG core helped it start up early, and the moderate strength of the cover allowed for easy length coupled with a strong arcing finish downlane. Remember that too strong a cover can create an earlier read, reducing the angularity of the breakpoint shape. Even though the Jacked’s total hook tested close to the Black Widow Nasty, the motion was earlier and slightly smoother.

When to Use: The Jacked provided us with many uses with its 1000-grit box finish. Higher speed players and those on most medium-heavy oil patterns will find little need to alter the finish. However, higher rev rates — or those requiring easier length and a more defined move at the breakpoint — should smooth with higher grits (2000 or 4000), or even apply polish. The Jacked will provide more length and pop for bowlers replacing their Raw Angers or Pains, yet offer similar degrees of total hook. The Raw Jacked also handled carrydown better than a Toxic, Burn, Psycho or Acid. It’s a great benchmark ball at a modest price.

-- Joe Cerar Jr.

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