Hammer Black Widow Nasty

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

52 Hook   15 Length   15.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: To enhance downlane movement, Hammer raised the RG of this new cover-puck technology core to 2.56. It also raised the Diff to .057, which supplied about 6” of track flare. The mass bias rating of .006 is so low it will remind many of a symmetric ball motion with continuation.

Coverstock: The Nasty’s Violent Wheel solid reactive cover is colored in purple, black and a red sparkle mix. The surface comes sanded at 4000 Abralon. Traction in oil was good and response time off dry was moderately quick. This core/cover match is perfect for a multitude of layout choices. We found no deficiencies in any of our layout choices: 3” pin with a 5” mass bias, a 4” pin with a 4” MB and a 5” pin with a 3” MB.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Jeff Ussery, Hammer Brand Manager offered this: “Black Widow Nasty gives us a new ball motion with our final addition to the Widow line. The Cover-Puck core technology and our new aggressive Violent Wheel Reactive coverstock create a unique motion in the Widow line that Hammer bowlers have been waiting for.”

Test Results: To enhance the down-lane movement, Hammer drilled away part of the outer core and filled that void with Violent Wheel Coverstock material. Hammer’s press release says this offset creates extra hooking power down the lane, and our test group agrees. The breakpoint shape was predictable, strong and continuous through the pin deck. Pin carry was excellent, as was the Nasty’s ability to negotiate through carrydown. We also felt we could stay with the Nasty as the lanes broke down and we were forced to chase the oil line inside.

When to Use: Since we felt this Black Widow had the motion of the original but with a touch more power, bowlers will find many, many uses. We were able to get great looks on most light-medium to medium-heavy oil patterns, which represents about 80% of what most of us will typically see in leagues and/or tournament action. The final consensus was very positive as the Nasty will do a great job of completing the Black Widow line.

-- Joe Cerar Jr.

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