Hammer Backlash Red/Purple

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

47 Hook 15.5 Length  15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The polished Backlash shares the same symmetric Saucer-shaped core used in the above reviewed Backlash Blue/Silver. The RG is medium at 2.56 and the Diff is .031. This unusual design creates later revs and will produce 4” or less track flare contingent on layout and weight hole location.

Coverstock: The RP edition in the Backlash series has a different coverstock formula designed for easier length and less traction in oil. The surface factory polished and colored in a mix of deep reds and purples. Response time off dry boards was moderately quick and traction in oil was minimal with box finish.

Manufacturers Intent: “The Backlash Red/Purple is Hammer’s answer to the driest of lane conditions.  We’re using our Max-Length Reactive coverstock on the Backlash Red/Purple.  This cover was previously featured on our extremely successful Cherry Vibe.  Max-Length Reactive has always been our best cover for lane conditions that are completely broken down.  You’ll find that the Red/Purple Backlash competes best when the Blue/Silver version starts hooking just a little too soon, and you need a ball that gets through the front of the lane easier.”

Test Results: As Jeff Ussery states above, the RP Backlash is a later and tamer version of the BS Backlash. We saw an average of 2-4 boards less total hook and 3-4 feet later reaction with the RP version. With similar surfaces the two Backlashes become more closely related but still differ slightly. Both products gave us great looks on drier and shorter patterns as length was never an issue nor was hitting and carry power. Hammer is leading the way so to speak with balls designed for lighter patterns and for heavy handed players with this line and the Vibe line. Time will tell if this core design proves as successful as the hour-glass shape core found in the Vibe lineup.

When to Use: The RP version will give bowlers great match-ups on short and lighter oil concentrations. Bowlers who have difficulty on older wood surfaces where early hook often occurs, will enjoy the unforced length through the midlane both Backlashes offer. Lower rev players can use stronger 3.5 to 4.5” pin distance layouts if they want more downlane reaction. Those needing added length with a more end or end breakpoint motion can use 5 and 6” drillings.

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