Girls Still on Top

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Helen Johnsson of Sweden set the lanes alight to place top of the opening squad this morning and now, in Stage 2, it is Krista

Krista Pollanen

Pollanen from Finland who is the squad leader.

Finishing with a 263  for a 935 four-game series, Pollanen ousted fellow countryman Johani Tonteri from first place by just seven pins. Local Danish hero Jesper Agerbo placed third with 920 and the only other player to hit over 900 was aforementioned Johnsson with 918.

Just 12 from this stage go forward to the third stage, a group which encompasses those who qualified 1 - 12 last night and the 12 from this group, all once more heading into four games starting from scratch.

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