Five More Chinese “Pioneers” Qualify for PBA Membership

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Frank Zhao (center) with his Chinese bowlers
Frank Zhao (center) with his Chinese bowlers

Longmarch Bowling founder Frank Zhao has confirmed five more Chinese players have qualified for PBA membership during the fourth edition of his Longmarch Pioneers League. The three-day “league” program at Longmarch Bowling Center in Shanghai over New Year’s weekend included 36 bowlers from Philippine, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and several areas in the mainland China.

All players bowled two six-game sessions each day for three days in an attempt to establish a minimum 200 average. The five who were successful will bring China’s PBA membership rolls up to 27 members after applications are filed and approved. A select few from that group plan to participate in PBA World Series of Bowling VII at South Point in Las Vegas in 2015.

Zhao said six women bowled in the most recent “pioneer league,” bringing the total of women qualifiers to 10 over the past two years. None have achieved the 200 milestone yet, he said, but two averaged over 190.

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