Finals Day

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

The start of the final day encompassed the top 42 from the earlier qualifying rounds plus six of the women who did not make the cut, the latter a feature of the two major Catalonian tournaments.

Voss, Verbruggen & Barrett

Those placed 25 - 48 opened the proceedings with four games and from this group the top twelve were to advance to the next round. Then qualifiers 1 - 24 played their four games and again the top 12 went through to round two.

So, 24 players hit a further four games and from this group just the top three were to progress to the stepladder final, a one-game shoot-out between seeds two and three, then the winner taking on the top seed.

Helped along by a perfect game, the second of the tournament, Dominic Barrett of Colchester, England oupointed Gery Verbruggen of Belgium and American pro bowler Brian Voss, in that order, to line-up for the live Eurosport televised final and web streaming on

Well-known left-hander Verbruggen started against Voss with a strike, 3-7 split, and a double. Voss opened with five 9-spares and the scores were 97-94 in favour of the Belgian in frame five. Then Verbruggen went double, 9-spare, strike 8-spare, strike for 206. Voss hit a 2-10 split in the sixth frame, then three strikes, 7-spare, 7 for 197 and a quick exit.

Barrett came on stage after practising over on lanes 13-14 and immediately left the 2-10. Verbruggen replied with three strikes and stood on the crest of a wave. Then Barrett hit three strikes and the Belgian left the 4-6-10 split. Honours even in the sixth frame, 125-123 to Verbruggen.

It looked as though Barrett was in with a good chance after a double and 9-spare but the dreaded split man called again, this time the awful 3-4-6-7 from which he only took one pin. He struck out in the tenth for 196 but that was not enough as three strikes and a 9-spare from Verbruggen gave him 224 and the 2010 Ciutat de Barcelona title plus, of course, the €12,000 first prize.

"I'm happy, very happy, because I'm working on my comeback for maybe one year and a half," stated an ecstatic Verbruggen. "so this is a very nice reward for it. I had a very good feeling today although I wasn't feeling that I would win the tournament, but when I was playing against Brian Voss I saw he was having a few problems on the right lane. When Dominic Barrett started on that lane in the final game I thought maybe I have a chance because his ball was doing strange things. The pair of lanes were a little bit different and I moved two boards more to the right on lane six. Maybe I had a little advantage as I had already played one game against Voss on that pair."

Thanks to great local organization, the final ran like clockwork and the Eurosport transmission was heralded a great success. There are many things the Catalonian Bowling Federation are very, very good at doing, and running fantastic tournaments is at the top of the list.

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