Fans to Select Wes Malott’s Next King of Bowling Opponent

by Bill Vint, Professional Bowlers Association 0

Wes Malott finished fourth in the PBA Xtra Frame Greater Jonesboro Open Sunday in Jonesboro, Ark., but the most interesting story about Malott’s participation in the tournament had to do with his 13-year-old son Jordan Malott finishing in a tie for 74th place in his first PBA tournament appearance.

“It’s kinda funny,” father Wes said. “I signed (Jordan) up and I didn’t tell him. I don’t think I even told my wife. He didn’t know he was bowling until we were on the road and stopped to eat. He asked me why I brought his equipment along. He told me he didn’t want to bowl, but he’d been hounding me about entering local events, so I signed him up.

“It was good for him; it got everyone talking.”

Jordan Malott, Dad said, is already almost six feet tall. “He’s wearing size 13 shoes, just like me.”

Jordan will bowl in USBC’s Junior Gold Championships in July. The past two years he finished in the fifth through eighth group in the U12 Division. This year he’ll move up to U15 but “he’ll hold his own,” Dad said.

Regarding Jordan’s experience in Jonesboro, Wes said, “He’s used to winning, so he had a hard time. After three games, he was in third or fourth place. He beat me the first four games, I know that.  But in games six and seven he shot 140s.

“He knows a lot of those guys,” Wes continued. “He watches them on TV. He has a lot of respect for them, but I told him there’s no reason to be afraid; just go out and bowl, and he did.”

Now the problem in the Malott household, Wes said, is that middle son Camden is already asking when he’ll get his turn. Camden turns 10 in August. And “Brooke is seven, but she’s already showing signs, too.” When or if Jordan will bowl in another PBA event is an unknown because now it’s baseball season, Dad said, and “he’s a very good baseball player, too.”

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