Europe Wins Third Straight Weber Cup, Evens All-Time Series with U.S.

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Team Captain, Dom Barrett, attributed Europe's success to their closeness and chemistry as fellow Europeans who ventured to the U.S. to pursue pro bowling careers around the same time. (With Martin Larsen, Stu Williams, and Osku Palermaa, l-r.)

Europe needed just one match win to retain the Weber Cup in 2015 and make it a three-year winning streak as they headed into the final session with a 16-8 lead.

This session was set for eight singles matches, but to go that distance the Americans had to win them all. That quickly would prove a tough hill to climb for Tommy Jones and the rest of his quartet.

First up, Stuart Williams faced Wes Malott, the latter hoping to keep the match alive, the former hoping to post the point that would mean a European victory.

The Europeans had the choice of pattern for the session and set the conditioner to 42 feet, three feet back from that awkward pattern of the earlier session. The first five frames went Europe’s way, gleaning a 15 point lead, thanks to stubborn 10-pins for Malott. Williams finished up with 218 to Malott 195, sealing the victory for Europe. The all-time series now stands at 8-8 over the 16-year history of the event.

Europe 17, United States 8.

Barrett chalked up his team’s success to their closeness and team chemistry as fellow Europeans who ventured to the U.S. to pursue pro bowling careers.

“Bowling in America is not easy and as the four of us went over around the same time. We became good friends and looked after each other. We hire cars together, book rooms for each other, so we are great friends on the lanes as well as off it. We all have different personalities and spend a lot of time with each other. We were already a team before we got on this lane.”

Heading into session four, the Europeans just needed three more points to retain the Weber Cup and make it three victories in a row, but the American quartet were not going to give up easily.

“We are full of fight and we will never give up. Hopefully, we can put a little pressure on the Europeans,” American captain Tommy Jones said prior to the fourth session. “The Europeans have had a lot of good breaks. Dom Barrett picked up the 2-10 split twice in his match against Parker Bohn. Our goal is to win thirteen matches to day. We are going to take it one match at a time as every match is going to be very important to us.”

Yet one match, in the end, was all Stu Williams needed to seal the deal for Europe.

Barrett responded directly to the notion that his team benefited from timely breaks.

"People are saying we are having all the luck, but I don’t believe that, it all evens itself out eventually. We’ve been doing the right things at the right time. We are a very tight team.”


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