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JUNE 1-2, 2010 — The format of the European Bowling Tour Masters 2010 is, for each division, men and women, to play 18 qualifying games as follows: Squad 1 over 6 games on pattern 1, Squad 2 - 6 games on pattern 2 and squad 3 - six games on the combined dual lane condition, using patterns 1 and 2.

The field is then reduced to eight players, continuing with the pinfall from the 18 games qualification carried forward into a seven-game round robin final, played on combined dual lane conditions, to decide the two Masters of 2010 over a 23-games total, including bonuses from the seven final matches.

The 32 qualified for the EBT Masters 2010 are:

Women's Division

Nicki Ainge, England; Nicole Sanders, Netherlands; Nina Flack, Sweden; Britt Bröndsted, Denmark; Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark; Diana Zavjalova, Latvia; Kirsten Penny, England; Patricia Luoto, Germany; Ghislaine van der Tol, Netherlands; Veronica Lantto, Sweden; Kamilla Kjeldsen, Denmark; Priscilla Maaswinkel, Netherlands; Rikke Holm Rasmussen, Denmark; Lisanne Breeschoten, Netherlands; Krista Pöllänen, Finland; Anja Ginge Jensen, Denmark.

Men's Division

Osku Palermaa, Finland; Dominic Barrett, England; Paul Moor, England; Martin Larsen, Sweden; Mads Sandbäkken, Norway; Stuart Williams, England; Dennis Eklund, Sweden; Robert Andersson, Sweden; Tore Torgersen, Norway; Tobias Karlsson, Sweden; Thomas Larsen, Denmark; Jesper Agerbo, Denmark; Mathias Aarup, Sweden; Peter Ljung, Sweden; Pasi Uotila, Finland; Gery Verbruggen, Belgium.

Competition commences at noon on Monday, May 31 with the qualifying rounds and will be complete in the evening of Tuesday, June 1 at the Lovvang Bowling Center, Aalborg, Denmark.

A prize pool of €18,000 is available for each division with €4,000 for the winners, €3,000 for second, €2,000 for third and €1,00 for fourth. Prizes are paid down to €300 for 16th place. In addition, each squad winner, men and women, will receive €400 and the same amount will be paid to the top qualifier after the 18 games.

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