Ebonite Hard Ball

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

46.5 Hook  16.5 Length  14.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The symmetric light bulb shaped core has a medium level RG of 2.52 and a 4” flaring Diff of .040 in 15# equipment. The 14# also has a 2.52 RG with a .042 Diff. This core shape is very release friendly.

Coverstock: The Hard Ball’s cover is GB 10.7 with 1000 abralon under-sand followed with a coating of Ebonite’s Factory polish. The colors are a blending of purple, red and dark greens. Response time off dry was slow and traction in oil was limited with box finish.

Manufacturers Intent: “In redesigning the Ebonite Low-Mid Price Points, it was important for us to use a core shape that is easy to drill, and covers that perform great! So, in both the Hard Ball and the Curve Ball we are using our light bulb shape core, which is a classic and is easy to drill. On the Hard Ball, we wrapped the GB10.7 cover and it’s very clean with a strong arc type ball motion.”

Test Results: The Hard Ball offers unbridled length with a very controlled move downlane when encountering friction. We saw no skid/flip motions with any layout or surface tweak. The roll remained very even and steady while rewarding us with excellent pin carry throughout oil transition. Our high rev tester could easily bump in see ample recovery providing his speed management was correct for the lane condition. Low rev players will do better with the slightly stronger Curve Ball or Game Plan.

When to Use: Both the Curve Ball and Hard Ball will excel on light to medium volumes contingent on the players attack angle and physical attributes. All tournament players should own a medium RG (2.54 or higher) ball for good match ups on the burn. Balls with lower Diff (.045 and lower) numbers are also beneficial as this aids in length and control off the spot (breakpoint). Both the Hard Ball and Curve Ball also gave us great looks with non polished smooth surfaces as this helps blend wet/drys and control the reaction off friction.

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