Ebonite Game Plan

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

48 Hook  15 Length  15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The symmetric EMP-1 core in the Game Plan has a medium level RG of 2.51 and a 5.5” flaring Diff of .058 in 15# equipment. The 14# has a 2.53 RG with a .052 Diff. This core shape revs strongly in the midlane and later.

Coverstock: Supplying traction for the Game Plan is Ebonite’s Traxion .039 reactive resin. Coloring is a mix of turquoise, navy and silver pearl. The surface is abraloned with 800 (x2) and 1000 (x2) then shined with Factory polish. Response off friction came in at moderate and oil traction was moderate also with box finish.

Manufacturers Intent: Ed Gallagher, Ebonite’s brand manager supplied the following The Ebonite Game Plan is a ball that we are really excite about. It is a very strong mid price product, that looks great! Our intent when designing the Game Plan is to provide a mid price product that is clean for medium lane environments, yet still has enough core and cover to provide great motion in the backend of the lane. And the Game Plan does just that!

Test Results: The Game Plan was the strongest of the three entries with Ebonite monikers this month. We saw an average of three boards more total hook than the Hard ball or Curve ball on most test patterns. The Game Plan also gave us the most midlane read with a rounded move downlane. The higher Diff of .058 will allow skilled drillers to create whatever shape the bowler is looking for dependant on layout choice. The base reactive blend was also used in the NVS (July 2007) which makes it average in strength by today’s standards.

When to Use: The Game Plan will match up quite often on shorter (35’) to medium (42’) length patterns. Moderate oil carrydown can be easily overcome with stronger pin to pap drilling or subtle surface changes. The Game Plan will provide many with that benchmark medium hook with smooth arc we all love. Aggressive skid/flip layouts, such as 60x5x30, will enhance the breakpoint shape for those desiring such motion. Our favorite layouts were very balanced with drilling and VAL  angles near 50 degrees and pin distances between 4 and 5”.

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