Ebonite Curve Ball

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

47.5 Hook 16 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The symmetric light bulb shaped core has a medium level RG of 2.52 and a 4” flaring Diff of .040 in 15# equipment. The 14# also has a 2.52 RG with a .042 Diff. This core shape is very release friendly.

Coverstock: The Curve Ball’s coverstock formula is a notch stronger than that used on the Hard ball. We saw a slightly stronger motion off dry with this cover. Colors are navy, red and silver pearls fused together under the 800/1k/2k4k polished surface. Traction is oil is limited with the smooth-polished surface but response time off dry is quick.

Manufacturers Intent: In redesigning the Ebonite Lower Mid Price Points, it was important for us to use a core shape that is easy to drill, and covers that perform great! So, in both the Hard Ball and the Curve Ball we are using our light bulb shape core, which is a classic and is easy to drill. The Curve Ball, we wrapped a stronger version of our GB covers, GB 11.7. This combination provides us with a more angular motion to the pocket.”

Test Results: As promised by Ebonite the Curve Ball was a notch more aggressive than the Hard Ball. Both balls performed admirably on light to medium volumes on either wood or synthetic lane surfaces. The Curve Ball could suit higher speeds or lower rev rate players slightly more so than the Hard Ball due to the stronger cover. Both products possess smooth to hard arc breakpoint shapes due to the core numbers and overall conservative shape. Even aggressive angular-based layouts could not induce a skid/flip motion and this was true even for the high 450+ rev guy!

When to Use: The Curve Ball will match up best on light to medium oil patterns when players are concerned with length and a controlled move downlane. Older wood surfaces with wet/dry side to side oil patterns will offer little challenge, especially with 2000, 4000 abralon or mid polished surfaces. There has been a loooong history of great light bulb shaped cores over the years and the Ebonite Ball series continues this trend. Think closed launch angles with a crisp hard arc downlane when using this series of products and high scores are soon to follow.

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