Dom Barrett Vows to Even Score at 16th Weber Cup

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Team Europe: Osku Palermaa, Martin Larsen, Dom Barrett, Stu Williams (l-r.)
Team Europe: Osku Palermaa, Martin Larsen, Dom Barrett, Stu Williams (l-r.)

With both Weber Cup teams now settled into the single lane arena at the Barnsley Metrodome in north-east England, hopes of victory are high for the quartets representing Europe and the United States. Currently, the United States leads the annual standings 8-7 and mean to stop Europe from evening the score.

Both teams feature new captains, as Tommy Jones takes over the reins for the United States from Chris Barnes, who is absent due to back surgery, and Dom Barrett steps up to take charge as Mika Kouveniemi changes his occupation to being a national coach in the United Arab Emirates.

The Europeans also have Osku Palermaa of Finland back in the fold, along with Sweden’s Martin Larsen and Barrett’s fellow countryman Stuart Williams.

A true bowling legend joins the Americans as Parker Bohn III makes his first visit to England’s shores to bolster Jones, Bill O’Neill and Wes Malott.

Team U.S.: Parker Bohn III, Wes Malott, Tommy Jones, Bill O'Neill (l-r.)

“We are here to make it 8-all,” Barrett said. “We all know that we have a tough task ahead. It is an honor to be captain of the European team, and I hope to start off my captaincy with a win. We are all champions in our own right so we will get out there and do what we do.”

Tommy Jones also is confident of being victorious come Sunday night.

“It is nice to be the captain but it is through unfortunate circumstances as Chris Barnes is having surgery, so I wish him all the best. We are going to do our best to win and I am pleased to have Parker Bohn III in the line-up and to see Wes Malott and Bill O’Neill on the team. Having Parker join the team was something we all talked about. He is one of the great ambassadors of the sport, so we are glad to have him. He’s been bowling more than the rest of us with his games on the senior tour.”


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