Cooley Will Lead PBA Cheetah Championship Field into Match Play

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Cooley.Sam_Australia_2015WSOB(2)RENO, Nev. – Australia’s Sam Cooley averaged 252 for nine games to take the qualifying lead in the Professional Bowlers Association Cheetah Championship presented by PBA Challenge Mobile Game, the first qualifying leg of the Rolltech PBA World Championship, Tuesday at the National Bowling Stadium.

The Cheetah Championship is the first of five PBA Tour title events that are part of the GEICO PBA World Series of Bowling VII presented by Silver Legacy.

Cooley, a 24-year-old right-hander, rolled games of 278, 203, 246, 210, 265, 280, 290, 289 and 211 for a total of 2,272 pins and a 65-pin lead over Eugene McCune of Munster, Ind., who won two of his three PBA Tour titles in the 2011 and 2012 Cheetah Championships.

Cooley, who made his professional debut in the PBA Fall Classic in Las Vegas in October, first experienced bowling in birthday parties at age 4 in Mount Warrigal, New South Wales, about a 90-minute drive south of Sydney. He then joined a 10-and-under youth league and became hooked on the sport. As a teenager, he found bowling videos of American stars Tommy Jones, Wes Malott, Pete Weber and others, and began developing his game.

“Competing on the PBA Tour is something I’ve been wanting to do for the past five years,” Cooley said, “so I decided to take the plunge. Coming to the Fall Classic (where he finished 12th in his first PBA Tour event) gave my confidence a boost.”

His performance in the Cheetah Championship “was a bit of a surprise to me, really. I didn’t have to make many changes in ball choices or where I lined up on the lane, so I was able to stay pretty much in the same area for the whole round. It was a surprise and a confidence boost.

“I feel pretty good about making the match play field next week,” he added. “Where I’m at today gives me a lot of confidence going into tomorrow. In games six, seven, eight and nine, it was just a matter of getting as many pins as I could for World Championship qualifying. It gives me a bit of a cushion in case things don’t work out later in the week.”

PBA Hall of Famer, Parker Bohn III, got the tournament off to a fast start, bowling his record 105th career PBA 300 game in the first game. It was the first of 12 300s bowled in the high-scoring round.

Boston Red Sox outfielder, Mookie Betts, made his professional bowling debut with a respectable 196.33 average in a roller-coaster round, finishing in 212th place. For the round, he bowled games of 224, 140, 245, 180, 168, 194, 249, 213 and 154. But he wasn’t overly disappointed.

“It was fun. It was tough, something to get used to,” Betts said, “but I crossed with some cool guys (2013 PBA Rookie of the Year, E.J. Tackett of Huntington, Ind.; 2015 Rookie of the Year candidate, A.J. Johnson of Oswego, Ill., and PBA50 Tour veteran, Ray Cobb of Highland, Calif.) and they made it easy for me. It was a little more laid back than I thought it would be because of the guys I bowled with.

“I would have liked to be at least even (average 200),” he added, “but for the first time, it was okay. Tomorrow (in the Viper Championship), I’m just going to try to be even. I have no great expectations. I made some good adjustments today in games five, six and seven, but the last game I almost dropped the ball on my foot and I fouled in the first frame, so that was a bad way to start.

“That’s the learning curve. Hopefully I’ll do better tomorrow.”

GEICO WSOB VII competition continued Wednesday with the nine-game qualifying round in the Viper Championship presented by Xtra Frame. The field of 245 players from 21 countries will battle for 24 positions in the best-of-five-game match play elimination round that will take place on Monday, Dec. 14. Composite qualifying scores from the nine-game Cheetah, Viper, Thursday’s Chameleon and Friday’s Scorpion Champion rounds also will determine the 61 players who will advance to the Rolltech PBA World Championship cashers’ round on Saturday.

All qualifying and match play rounds of the World Series of Bowling will be covered live, exclusively by PBA’s online video streaming service, Xtra Frame. For subscription information, visit and click on the Xtra Frame link. Real-time results also will be posted on under its “live scoring” link.


National Bowling Stadium, Reno, Nev., Tuesday

Final Qualifying Standings (top 24 advance to best-of-five-game single-elimination match play Monday, Dec. 14; top 8 receive first round bye):

1, Sam Cooley, Australia, 2,272.
2, Eugene McCune, Munster, Ind., 2,207.
3, John Furey, Freehold, N.J., 2,195.
4, Wayne Garber, Modesto, Calif., 2,194.
5, Parker Bohn III, Jackson, N.J., 2,193.
6, Stuart Williams, England, 2,191.
7, Paul Moor, England, 2,187.
8, Andrew Cain, Phoenix, 2,186.
9, n-Matt Gasn, Laurel, Md., 2,180.
10, Marshall Kent, Yakima, Wash., 2,171.
11 (tie), Tom Baker, King, N.C., and Norm Duke, Clermont, Fla., 2,159.
13, Dennis Horan Jr., Oakley, Calif., 2,158.
14, Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela, 2,153.
15, Jesper Svensson, Sweden, 2,149.
16, Rhino Page, Orlando, Fla., 2,147.
17, n-Adam Barta, Girard, Ohio, 2,145.
18, Sean Rash, Montgomery, Ill., 2,139.
19, Markus Jansson, Sweden, 2,137.
19, Ron Mohr, Las Vegas, 2,137.
21, Matthew McNiel, Prior Lake, Minn., 2,132.
22, John Szczerbinski, N. Tonawanda, N.Y., 2,127.
23, Patrick Girard, Canada, 2,125.
24, Bob Learn Jr., Erie, Pa., 2,112.

Other Cashers:
25, Joonas Jehkinen, Finland, 2,110, $600.
26 (tie), Walter Ray Williams Jr., Oxford, Fla., and Josh Blanchard, Mesa, Ariz., 2,107, $600.
28 (tie), Kristopher Prather, Milton, Fla., and D.J. Archer, Friendswood, Texas, 2,106, $550.
30, n-Benjamin Canfield, Tempe, Ariz., 2,104, $500.
31, Ryan Graywacz, Feeding Hills, Mass., 2,103, $500.
32, Pete Weber, St. Ann, Mo., 2,100, $500.

Failed to Cash:
33 (tie), David Haynes, Las Vegas, and Scott Newell, Deland, Fla., 2,099.
35, Scott Norton, Mission Viejo, Calif., 2,093.
36, Bryon Smith, Roseburg, Ore., 2,087.
37, B.J. Moore III, Apex, N.C., 2,081.
38, n-Ronnie Sparks Jr., Ecorse, Mich., 2,080.
39, Michael Haugen Jr., Phoenix, 2,077.
40, E.J. Tackett, Huntington, Ind., 2,073.
41, Bill O'Neill, Langhorne, Pa., 2,071.
42, Tommy Jones, Simpsonville, S.C., 2,066.
43 (tie), Jakob Butturff, Chandler, Ariz., and Will Barnes, Wichita, Kan., 2,060.
45, Gary Faulkner Jr., Memphis, Tenn., 2,059.
46, PJ Haggerty, Roseville, Calif., 2,058.
47 (tie), Magnus Johnson Jr., Sweden; Chris Loschetter, Avon, Ohio, and Mike Wolfe, New Albany, Ind., 2,057.
50 (tie), Zhongli Mi, China, and f-Liz Kuhlkin, Rotterdam, N.Y., 2,056.
52, Jeff Roche, Dearborn, Mich., 2,053.
53, Richie Teece, England, 2,049.
54, Jaime Gonzalez, Colombia, 2,048.
55, Matthew O'Grady, Matawan, N.J., 2,047.
56, Jean Perez, Puerto Rico, 2,045.
57, Jason Sterner, Covington, Ga., 2,044.
58 (tie), Shuichi Heki, Japan, and T.J. Schmidt, Mishawaka, Ind., 2,042.
60, Manuel Otalora, Colombia, 2,039.
61, Patrick Dombrowski, Parma, Ohio, 2,037.
62, n-Eric Fritton, Waukesha, Wis., 2,035.
63 (tie), Jason Belmonte, Australia; n-Jimmy Cook, Indianapolis, and Kevin Croucher, Grants Pass, Ore., 2,033.
66 (tie), Martin Larsen, Sweden; Shigeo Saitoh, Japan; Patrick Allen, Mount Kisco, N.Y., and Johnathan Bower, Middletown, Pa., 2,029.
70, Carsten Hansen, Denmark, 2,025.
71 (tie), Ryan Shafer, Horseheads, N.Y., and n-Harold Hill Jr., San Diego, 2,024.
73, Andres Gomez, Colombia, 2,023.0
74 (tie), Thomas Larsen, Denmark; Dick Allen, Columbia, S.C., and Ryan Ciminelli, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 2,022.
77 (tie), Anthony LaCaze, Hoffman Estates, Ill., and Ildemaro Ruiz, Venezuela, 2,019.
79, n-Dean Richards, Tacoma, Wash., 2,017.
80, Wes Malott, Pflugerville, Texas, 2,016.
81, n-Charles Easton, Sylvania, Ohio, 2,013.
82, Santiago Mejia, Colombia, 2,007.
83, Jonathan Hocsman, Argentina, 2,003.
84, Randy Weiss, Columbia, S.C., 2,001.
85, Kim Bolleby, Thailand, 2,000.
86, Dave Wodka, Beavercreek, Ohio, 1,994.
87, Josh Conner, Columbus, Ohio, 1,993.
88, Casey Knutson, Femley, Nev., 1,987.
89 (tie), f-Inngellimar Beasley, Venezuela, and J.R. Raymond, Bay City, Mich., 1,986.
91 (tie), Will Garber, Modesto, Calif., and Jon VanHees, Charlestown, R.I., 1,985.
93, Brad Angelo, Lockport, N.Y., 1,982.
94, Joseph Hostetler, Louisville, Ohio, 1,980.
95, Nathan Bohr, Austin, Texas, 1,975.
96 (tie), Chris Arcaro, Wilmington, N.C.; Alvar Cardona, Spain, and Aaron Lorincz, Belleville, Mich., 1,973.
99, Tobias Boerding, Germany, 1,972.
100, Adam Ferri, Jeannette, Pa., 1,971.
101, Humberto Vazquez, Mexico, 1,970.
102, Jesse Buss, Belvidere, Ill., 1,968.
103, Daisuke Nakamura, Japan, 1,967.
104, Brad Miller, Maryland Hts, Mo., 1,963.
105, Shota Kawazoe, Japan, 1,961.
106 (tie), Jake Peters, Henderson, Nev., and Mark Sullivan, Indianapolis, 1,957.
108 (tie), Pat Nolan, Japan, and Kyle Troup, Taylorsville, N.C., 1,954.
110, Craig LeMond, Jasper, Ind., 1,953.
111, n-Christopher Sand, St Clair Shores, Mich, 1,951.
112 (tie), Anthony Pepe, Elmhurst, N.Y., and Dom Barrett, England, 1,950.
114, n-Zeke Bayt, Henderson, Nev., 1,949.
115, Andrew Graff, Las Vegas, 1,948.
116, n-Warren Crawford, McKinleyville, Calif., 1,947.
117, Anthony Simonsen, Princeton, Texas, 1,946.
118, Jeff Evans, Supply, N.C., 1,945.
119, Brett Cunningham, Clay, N.Y., 1,944.
120, Cameron Weier, Tacoma, Wash., 1,943.
121 (tie), n-Erik Vermilyea, Mansfield, Texas, and Pascal Winternheimer, Germany, 1,940.
123, Devin Bidwell, Wichita, Kan., 1,939.
124 (tie), Shawn Maldonado, Houston, and n-Matthew Farber, Plainview, N.Y., 1,937.
126 (tie), Joachim Karlsson, Sweden, and Joe Goldstein Sr., San Bruno, Calif., 1,933.
128 (tie), Connor Pickford, Charlotte, N.C., and Tom Hess, Urbandale, Iowa, 1,932.
130, f-Missy Parkin, Laguna Hills, Calif., 1,928.
131 (tie), n-Jianchao Du, China, and Peng Zhang, China, 1,925.
133 (tie), Andrew Suscreba, Clifton, N.J., and Toby Contreras, Lee's Summit, Mo., 1,924.
135, n-Jason Munkberg, Redding, Calif., 1,923.
136, Julio Cesar Blancas, Mexico, 1,921.
137 (tie), Lonnie Waliczek, Wichita, Kan., and Austin Hunt, Kennewick, Wash., 1,916.
139, n-Rob Edwards, Vancouver, Wash., 1,914.
140, f-Yuka Tsuchiya, Japan, 1,911.
141, Daniel Fransson, Sweden, 1,909.
142, Eddy Smith, Stanwood, Wash., 1,904.
143 (tie), n-Chris Drewes, Wichita, Kan., and Mike DeVaney, Winchester, Calif., 1,902.
145 (tie), Bob Spaulding, Colorado Springs, Colo., and Jonathan Sellers, Stratford, Conn., 1,901.
147, Terrance Bright, Atlanta, 1,898.
148, Mitch Beasley, Nashville, Tenn., 1,897.
149, Osku Palermaa, Finland, 1,896.
150, Joe Paluszek, Bensalem, Pa., 1,893.
151, Cris Ferreira, Visalia, Calif., 1,892.
152, Steve Ford, Seaside, Ore., 1,890.
153, Kevin Donovan, Painted Post, N.Y., 1,889.
154, John Austin Jr., Friendswood, Texas, 1,888.
155, Jeremy Mooney, West Palm Beach, Fla., 1,886.
156, Craig Auerbach, Sunrise, Fla., 1,885.
157, Brian LeClair, Delmar, N.Y., 1,884.
158 (tie), n-Kamron Doyle, Brentwood, Tenn., and n-Don Allen III, Vancouver, Wash., 1,881.
160 (tie), Tom Daugherty, Wesley Chapel, Fla., and Brian Valenta, Lockport, Ill., 1,880.
162, n-Michael Villarreal, Lakewood, Calif., 1,874.
163, Ernest Lukacs Jr., Manville, N.J., 1,870.
164, A.J. Johnson, Oswego, Ill., 1,869.
165 (tie), n-Michael Duran, Banning, Calif., and Clint Land, Houston, 1,866.
167 (tie), n-Jon Trzcinski, Bay Shore, N.Y., and Nobuhito Fujii, Japan, 1,865.
169, n-Carlos Tobon, Colombia, 1,863.
170 (tie), Hashim Guinomla, Philippines, and Akiko Suzuki, Japan, 1,857.
172, Lin Yao, China, 1,856.
173 (tie), Tom Smallwood, Saginaw, Mich., and n-Anton Ahlgren, Sweden, 1,855.
175, f-Elise Bolton, Merritt Island, Fla., 1,852.
176, Joonas Jahi, Finland, 1,851.
177, David Shinn, West Columbia, S.C., 1,848.
178, Brandon Novak, Chillicothe, Ohio, 1,847.
179, Jordan Jung, Canada, 1,846.
180 (tie), Roger Koplin Jr., Carson City, Nev., and Miguel Lopez, Wichita, Kan., 1,844.
182, Dave Bernhardt, Romeo, Mich., 1,841.
183 (tie), David Maycock, Bermuda; Greg Ostrander, Freehold, N.J., and Zhiyong Wang, China, 1,840.
186, Junia Yoshida, Japan, 1,839.
187, Gerald Marrs, Huntley, Ill., 1,838.
188, Derek Handy, Redmond, Wash., 1,837.
189, Matt Dammann, Canada, 1,833.
190, Scott Robertson, Australia, 1,830.
191, J.T. "Action" Jackson, Sherman Oaks, Calif., 1,824.
192, Keven Williams, Springfield, Mo.,, 1,822.
193, Ronnie Russell, Marion, Ind., 1,820.
194, Chris Colella, Templeton, Mass., 1,818.
195, Tim Foy Jr., Seaford, Del., 1,816.
196, Hugh Miller, Mercer Island, Wash., 1,811.
197, f-Jacqueline Carbonetto, Blauvelt, N.Y., 1,804.
198, Luke Matthys, Whitestown, Ind., 1,803.
199 (tie), Lee Vanderhoef, Canton, Ga., and Mateo Hernandez, Argentina, 1,801.
201 (tie), Chuck Tillson, Santa Rosa, Calif., and n-Wankang Qi, China, 0.
203, Pontus Andersson, Sweden, 1,793.
204, Vincent Balisky, Elmhurst, N.Y., 1,791.
205, n-Trey Ford III, Bartlesville, Okla., 1,788.
206, Tommy Barna, Westminster, Md., 1,783.
207 (tie), Will Vidulich, Parsippany, N.J., and n-David Labinski, Milwaukee, 1,776.
209, David Canady, Germany, 1,775.
210, f-April Lordwittig, Steilacoom, Wash., 1,771.
211, Brian Nicodemus, Akron, Ind., 1,769.
212, n-Mookie Betts, Boston, 1,767.
213, Warren Burr, Wilmington, Del., 1,766.
214, Brian Robinson, Morgantown, W.Va., 1,765.
215, Armando Santacruz, Ecuador, 1,764.
216, Chris Warren, Grants Pass, Ore., 1,763.
217, n-Bill Fong, Plano, Texas, 1,761.
218, n-Carl-Oskar Palmer, Sweden, 1,756.
219, Wes Newman, Panama City, Fla, 1,753.
220, n-Nelson Sand, Maple Valley. Wash., 1,749.
221 (tie), Harrison Jarvis, San Antonio, Tex, and Mike Watson, Grass Valley, Calif., 1,746.
223, David Sevier, Gilbert, Ariz., 1,734.
224, Paul LeMond, Jasper, Ind., 1,729.
225, Blake Demore, Springfield, Mo., 1,728.
226, Myles Duty, Modesto, Calif., 1,720.
227, Chad Lusche, Parker, Colo., 1,718.
228, Andre Eubanks, Los Angeles, 1,702.
229, n-Stephen Bennett, Hampton, Va., 1,687.
230, Chen Huang, China, 1,685.
231, Jimmy Smith, Puyallup, Wash., 1,663.
232, Brijesh Patel, Hollywood, Calif., 1,662.
233, Glenn Morgan, Carson City, Nev., 1,659.
234, Bryan Osborne, Cypress, Calif., 1,654.
235, Mark Fennell, Seattle, 1,632.
236, Steve Adams, Grass Valley, Calif., 1,630.
237, Christopher Yoshimura, Rochester, Minn., 1,581.
238, Noel Vazquez, Sacramento, Calif., 1,575.
239, n-Thomas Musante, San Mateo, Calif., 1,531.
240, Adrian McCoy, British Virgin Islands, 1,529.
241 (tie), Matthew Graham, Stockton, Calif., and n-John Leathers, Anaconda, Mont., 1,492.
243, Cody Copeland, Abiline, Texas, 1,456.
244, Ray Cobb, Highland, Calif., 1,420.
245, n-Ken Davis, Sun Valley, Nev., withdrew (injury)

n-denotes non-member; f-denotes female

300 Games (12): Parker Bohn III, Bryon Smith, John Furey, Rhino Page, Adam Barta, Manuel Otalora, Johnathan Bower, Paul Moor, Jesper Svensson, Shuichi Heki, Scott Newell, Jason Sterner.

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