Columbia 300 Pure Swing

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

47.5 Hook   15.5 Length   16 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Pure Swing’s asymmetric core has a 2.52 RG, a .056 Diff and a .015 intermediate Diff. We saw up to 6” of track flare with 3.5 and 4.5” layouts and lower quadrant weight holes.

Coverstock: Columbia smoothed out the nodules in this version of the Full Tilt 5.0 coverstock, which promotes easier length through oil. The surface is sanded with 800 and 1000 Abralon pads, then highly polished. Coloring is a mix of black and gold pearl. Traction in oil is limited, while response time off dry was quick.

Manufacturer’s Intent: The following is taken directly from Columbia 300’s Web site:  “This ball is stronger in the backend than any high performance ball in our history, and will provide bowlers a complementary product to our Full Swing and Bedlam series balls.”

Test Results: Columbia 300 lovers looking for a Swing series ball with a skid/flip reaction will enjoy this new release. When compared to a similarly laid-out Bedlam pearl, the Pure Swing had total hook of about 2 boards stronger on most test patterns with 4.5 and 5.5” layouts. A 3.5” layout gave us 3-4 boards more overall hook. The Pure Swing appeared to also read the midlane a touch quicker than the pearl Bedlam. Players bowling on oil carrydown conditions may prefer a 2000 or 4000 surface to eliminate late lane oil wiggle moves. The Swing series offers a wide array of ball motion and total hook ranges for any style of bowler.

When to Use: We had very good results on lighter versions of Kegel Navigation patterns as the Pure Swing does not need a great deal of oil for its length. We also had good looks on most light and medium volume THS (typical house shots) with box finish. Angularity off friction was both quick and decisive, so most players may want to use duller surfaces on wet/dry lane conditions. Handed testers found the Pure Swing offered the most hockey-stick shaped breakpoint in Columbia’s lineup. Heavy oil will be better served by the Full Swing solid or Total Bedlam.

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