Columbia 300 Burst

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

50.5 Hook  15.5 Length  14.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The core used in the Burst is the same symmetric design found in the 2007 Resurgence. The super low 2.46 RG design promotes fast revs while the Diff of .043 will supply near 5” of track flare. The simplicity of design also tends to be more release friendly for those slightly inconsistent at the moment of truth (the release).

Coverstock: This remake is even more attractive than its predecessor bathed in its medley of red pearl, black and silver pearls. The New Era reactive surface is abraloned from 800 up to 4000 and then highly polished. Oil traction was moderate while response time off dry was moderate as well.

Manufacturers Intent: Columbia 300 shared the following information regarding the remake of the three year old Resurgence. “The Burst will offer the high performance qualities of the Resurgence from three years ago but this time at a more modest price point. The surface is now polished and the colors changed to give it a fresh look.”

Test Results: Since almost everybody loved the Resurgence from 2007 it only made sense to bring it back but this time making it prettier and less expensive. The Burst offers quick and easy revs, average length finished with a predictable hard arc. Hitting and carry power were excellent as was usability on many of our test patterns. We had great looks on light-mediums up to heavy-medium volumes from extreme outside to deeper inside angles. The Burst was one of our favorite nuggets this month within a month of great balls!

When to Use: Power players will find the Burst’s low RG core offers a stronger midlane read followed by a smoother move off drier boards. Medium rev rate players will find the most uses as the Burst provides enough midlane revs and a hard arc at the finish. Lower rev rate bowlers and slower speeds will be able to match up on longer and heavier volumes. Some will prefer a light scuffing be my test group thought the polished surface showed no weaknesses except on the oiliest of patterns.

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