Clutch Finish Lifts Team at USBC Open Championships

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RobGotchallClutch finish lifts team at USBC Open Championships
Former Team USA member Rob Gotchall of Clarksville, Tennessee, delivered two clutch strikes in his final frame to catapult his team to the top of the leaderboard at the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships on April 20.

The 37-year-old right-hander put the finishing touches on a 783 series, the highest individual set in team competition this year at the El Paso Convention Center, to lead Team NABR of West Henrietta, New York, to a 3,368 total. Junior Team USA Support 1 of Las Vegas previously held the lead in Regular Team with 3,359.

Team NABR had no room for error with three bowlers to go in the finale. Professional Bowlers Association regional standout Brian Waliczek and 2007 Regular All-Events champion Mike Rose Jr. both doubled to give Gotchall a chance to secure the lead.

The group finished with games of 1,057, 1,123 and 1,188, and Gotchall was followed by Rose (697), Waliczek (659), Guinness world record holder Adam Barta (636) and former Team USA member Scott Pohl (593).

Gotchall returned to the lanes April 21 and cruised into the top spot in Regular All-Events with a 2,181 total. He added sets of 719 in singles and 679 in doubles to pass Chad Maas of Waukesha, Wisconsin, who previously held the lead with 2,152.

His performance helped Team NABR into second place in Team All-Events with a 9,886 total.

Waliczek added a 2,019 all-events effort and was joined by Rose (1,978), Barta (1,866) and Pohl (1,842). Junior Team USA Support 1 of Las Vegas leads with 10,064.

"It's just a dream come true, no matter the end result," Gotchall said. "I got to share it with some of my best friends that I've met through the great game of bowling. If I'm fortunate enough to take home an eagle when the tournament is all said and done, it's not just for me. It's for the guys as well."

StewartJerry2015OC465x262Delaware bowler reaches 50 years at USBC Open Championships
Jerry Stewart of New Castle, Delaware, became the 176th bowler in history to reach 50 years of participation at the USBC Open Championships.

The 73-year-old made his milestone march down Center Aisle at the El Paso Convention Center on April 20 and received a plaque, chevron and diamond lapel pin to commemorate the achievement. He is the second of 12 bowlers scheduled to celebrate 50 years at the 2015 event.

Stewart's Open Championships career began at the 1960 tournament in Toledo, Ohio. This year in El Paso, he shot 587 in team, 538 in doubles and 469 in singles for a 1,594 all-events total.

In 50 years on the championship lanes, he has knocked down 87,425 pins for a career average of 194.2.

A look ahead
There will be two live stream broadcasts from the 2015 USBC Open Championships this week.

First, defending Regular Singles champion Louis Jenkins Jr. of Warr Acres, Oklahoma, will hit the lanes at the El Paso Convention on April 21 at 10:30 p.m. EDT to put his title on the line.

Jenkins claimed the 2014 singles crown with an 826 series on games of 257, 300 and 269, a memorable performance that was nearly 300 pins better than his doubles series.

All of Jenkins' doubles and singles games in El Paso will be broadcast live on BowlTV.

The other live broadcast from El Paso this week will be a talented team from the Madison, Wisconsin, area, led by Chris Gibbons, one of 28 bowlers in tournament history with multiple 300s on the tournament lanes.

Gibbons rolled his first perfect game on the big stage at the 1991 event in Toledo, Ohio, and matched that feat two decades later at the 2011 tournament in Reno, Nevada.

He'll lead his team into the El Paso Convention Center on April 26 at 7 p.m. EDT.

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El Paso Convention Center, El Paso, Texas

(Top 10 division leaders with hometown and pinfall)

As of April 21, 2015


1, Team NABR (Adam Barta, Scott Pohl, Brian Waliczek, Mike Rose Jr., Rob Gotchall), West Henrietta, N.Y., 3,368. 2, Junior Team USA Support 1, Las Vegas, 3,359. 3, Hashtag Team Dole, Cleveland, 3,231. 4, Bowling With Leverage Pro Shop, Peoria, Ariz., 3,211. 5, Coach K Scholarship, Pleasant View, Utah, 3,178. 6, Motion Plus, Greenfield, Wis., 3,169. 7, ND Storm, Mandan, N.D., 3,149. 8, To Be Determined Too, Lexington, Ky., 3,116. 9, Artistic Expressions 1, Oklahoma City, 3,088. 10(tie), Off The Sheet Pro Shop 1, Oklahoma City, and Before The 1st Frame 1, Rocky Mount, N.C., 3084.

1, Tom Woodworth/Jeremy Sonnenfeld, Sioux Falls, S.D., 1,372. 2, James Hansen, Anchorage, Alaska/Ron Mohr, North Las Vegas, 1,370. 3, Phil Karwoski Jr./Phil Karwoski Sr., Lake Worth, Fla., 1,357. 4, Rich Abboud, Omaha, Neb./Jeff Nimke, Oshkosh, Wis., 1,352. 5, Ray Huffman, III, Glenford, Ohio/Robert Murgatroyd, Zanesville, Ohio, 1,337. 6, David Shinn, West Columbia, S.C./Darrel Ratliff, Monroe, N.C., 1,331. 7, Donald Robinson, Houston/Terence McQueen, Fresno, Texas, 1,319. 8, Chad Kloss, West Allis, Wis./Chad Maas, Waukesha, Wis., 1,318. 9, Graham Ready, Batesburg, S.C./Jeff Campbell, Newport News, Va., 1,316. 10, Steve Kloempken, Pleasant View, Utah/David Haynes, Las Vegas, 1,311.

1, Scott Endersbe, Waite Park, Minn., 785. 2, Chad Oachs, Mankato, Minn., 772. 3, Matthew Tuckfield, Orlando, Fla., 771. 4, Jason Tom, Mechanicsburg, Ohio, 770. 5, Dave Beres, Greenfield, Wis., 754. 6, Mike Pelham, Clinton, Iowa, 748. 7, Chad Maas, Waukesha, Wis., 746. 8, Ken Duffield, Platteville, Wis., 739. 9, Andy Bunkoske, Beaver Dam, Wis., 736. 10, Art Alexander III, Baldwinsville. N.Y., 735.

1, Rob Gotchall, Clarksville, Tenn., 2,181. 2, Chad Maas, Waukesha, Wis., 2,152. 3, Erik Vermilyea, Las Vegas, 2,083. 4(tie), Matt Smallin, Glenburn, N.D., and Jason Tom, Mechanicsburg, Ohio, 2,062. 6, Matthew Tuckfield, Orlando, Fla., 2,048. 7, Brian Waliczek, Frankenmuth, Mich., 2,019. 8, Camden Rokita, Springfield, Ill., 2,016. 9, Chris Pounders, Madison, Wis., 2,008. 10, Scott Endersbe, Waite Park, Minn., 1,990.

Team All-Events
1, Junior Team USA Support 1 (Matthew Tuckfield, Anthony LaCaze, Steve Novak, Jeffrey Mersch, Erik Vermilyea), Las Vegas, 10,064. 2, Team NABR, West Henrietta, N.Y., 9.886. 3, Motion Plus, Greenfield, Wis., 9,669. 4, ND Storm, Mandan, N.D., 9,393. 5, Bowling with Leverage Pro Shop, Peoria, Ariz., 9,338. 6, SavageBowlingProShops 1, Whitestown, Ind., 9,306. 7(tie), Coach K Scholarship, Pleasant View, Utah, and To Be Determined Too, Lexington, Ky., 9,189. 9, Molalla Bowl, Cornelius, Ore., 9,168. 10, Southern Storm, Ocala, Fla., 9,144.


1, Scotty's 3 (Brady Erdmann, Jed Lye, Marshall Lagred, Tyler Grabow, Alan Iverson), Alexandria, Minn., 2,676. 2, Scotty's 4, Alexandria, Minn., 2,646. 3, Rails Bar and Grill, Eagle Grove, Iowa, 2,597. 4, T-Rays, Jamestown, N.D., 2,533. 5, Lani Ohana, Kaneohe, Hawaii, 2,532. 6, Lake Country Rollers 2, Clarissa, Minn., 2,530. 7, Scotty's 1, Alexandria, Minn., 2,527. 8, Minnesota Select Sires 1, Fergus Falls, Minn., 2,526. 9, Kirkmeyer Electric, Hobbs, N.M., 2,509. 10, Stri King 1, Hannaford, N.D., 2,506.

1, Mike Heck, Browns Valley, Minn./Darin Ziemer, Fargo, N.D., 1,161. 2, Donald Holtz, Hutchinson, Minn./Gary Holtz, Litchfield, Minn., 1,153. 3, Ryan Burmester/David Burmester, Hampton, Iowa, 1,126. 4, Courtney Johnston/Eric Tackett, Huntington, Ind., 1,116. 5, Bruce Huikko, South Haven Minn./Leslie Huikko, Buffalo, Minn., 1,115. 6, Sterling Minke Jr., Columbus, Ohio/Sterling Minke Sr., Englewood, Fla., 1,111. 7, Cecilia Lung/Joseph Lung, Monterey Park, Calif., 1,106. 8, Michael Thielen/Darrell Pedersen, Eagle Grove, Iowa, 1,105. 9, Sharon Nelson, Mesa, Ariz./Missy Price, Harrisburg, S.D., 1,100. 10(tie), Bill King/Mark Bylander, Vergas, Minn., and Alan Miller, Eunice, N.M./Hugo Naegele, Hobbs, N.M., 1,097.

1, Marshal Lagred, Starbuck, Minn., 636. 2, Jim Conkle, Pentwater, Mich., 628. 3, Donald Holtz, Hutchinson, Minn., 620. 4(tie), Michael Thielen, Eagle Grove, Iowa and Jack Berrier, Bascom, Ohio, 610. 6, Billy Dedek, Amarillo, Texas, 605. 7, Jere Goff, Ormond Beach, Fla., 603. 8, Mark Bearman, Webster, S.D., 601. 9, Jason Gorley, Tacoma, Wash., 593. 10, Karen Peterson, Fulton, Iowa, 591.

1, Marshal Lagred, Starbuck, Minn., 1,734. 2, Michael Thielen, Eagle Grove, Iowa, 1,712. 3, Darrell Pedersen, Eagle Grove, Iowa, 1,689. 4, Shea Branch, Dallas, 1,687. 5, Randy Miskovic, Lansing, Ill., 1,669. 6, Donald Holtz, Hutchinson, Minn., 1,663. 7, Joseph Whittaker, Provo, Utah, 1,660. 8, Bryan Herald, Chapman, Neb., 1,659. 9, Nathan Erickson, Melrose, Mont., 1,657. 9, Dale Huling, Las Vegas, 1,647.

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