Chris Barnes to Undergo Back Surgery, Withdraws from PBA Fall Classic

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

NAMES, NAMESEighteen-time PBA Tour champion, Chris Barnes of Double Oak, Texas, has withdrawn from the South Point PBA Fall Classic and will undergo back surgery next week in Dallas to repair a herniated disc.

“Nothing specific happened,” said the 45-year-old Triple Crown winner, noting that an extensive schedule of competition in Korea, PBA Southwest Regionals, and Team USA in recent weeks aggravated the condition.

“The last time I got off the plane, it hurt all the way down to my shoes,” Barnes said. “The pain part is manageable, but I just don’t have any strength in my right leg, so it’s time to get it fixed.”

Barnes said the “discectomy” involves trimming a portion of the disk that’s leaning on the nerve to alleviate the pain.

“It’s the same thing (Dallas Cowboys quarterback) Tony Romo had done and it’ll be done by the same doctor, Barnes noted. “Recovery time is a guess at this point, but I’d think the [GEICO PBA] World Series [of Bowling VII] is very much a long shot at this point.”

Barnes was scheduled to bowl in the PBA Fall Classic PBA Team Challenge with the 4 POY & A Nice Run team along with fellow past/current PBA Players of the Year Jason Belmonte, Tommy Jones and Wes Malott and frequent POY contender Bill O’Neill. Barnes also was paired with Jones for the Mark Roth-Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship. His replacement for both events has not yet been announced.

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