Carnival Time

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

It's Aalborg Carnival Eve this Friday night and serious partying is on the cards. Therefore, there were only 14 signed up for the 21:00 squad this evening as most players wanted to enjoy the shows and atmosphere, as well as the local brews.

One person who was pleased she didn't join the revelry was Denmark's national team member Mai Ginge Jensen. She came through the squad with flying colors and bowling a 289 in the sixth and final game, took the lead on the squad with 1375 and won a place in Sunday's finals. That score brought her 19th place in the overall standings.

Second place was taken by Mikael Kanold of Sundybergs team in Sweden, eight pins back of Jensen on 1367. Third place was taken by Michael Bai, the Lovvang Bowl pro shop proprietor who was bidding to win the Ebonite prize of $1,000 if he had won the squad. He was using ebonites bowling balls and wearing the company shirt.

The final four squads run through Saturday and then the Deperado shoot-out is available for those with high hopes after missing the cut. That is one game on one lane with just four places available. Desperate indeed.

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