Caffeine Sports Stimulant Xtra

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

51 Hook   14.5 Length   15.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The tall, oblong symmetrical core provides easy length due to its shape and medium RG of 2.52. Flare was around 5” thanks to the .055 Diff. The flip block adds to the angularity of the breakpoint shape.

Coverstock: The Stimulant Xtra’s solid reactive base is called Java II Super. The surface is finished with 4000 Abralon, which adds to its wide range of use. Response time off friction was quick and its traction in oil was good.

Manufacturer’s Intent: The Stimulant Xtra offers an enhanced Java II Super Reactive coverstock, specially blended for Caffeine Sports. The modified Stimulant core offers an RG of 2.52 and a .055 differential. This new combination of cover and core delivers on medium to heavily oiled lanes. This info from

Test Results: The Stimulant Xtra provided us with a very predictable yet strong move when leaving the oil pattern. It also hooked about 3-5 boards less than the earlier reviewed Power Addict (November) on the majority of our conditions. The Stimulant’s breakpoint averaged 2 feet later and was noticeably more angular, so it complements the Power Addict perfectly for lighter to medium volumes. This is not saying the Stimulant is weak by any stretch. It’s just that it’s not as early or as aggressive as the Power Addict, which provides great traction in the early midlane, whereas the Stimulant provides this traction in the later midlane portion of the lane.

When to Use: A slower speed player with a good hand will find the Stimulant Xtra more than adequate on medium-heavy to heavier volumes. Those with higher ball speeds or lesser rev rates will likely find more uses on medium oil volumes. The Stimulant is a good choice for those looking for a middle ball in their arsenal that offers medium length with a predictable hard arc downlane. Since the 4000-grit surface is in the middle range of reactions for most styles, minor surface tweaks should be used to dial it in perfectly.

-- Joe Cerar Jr.

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