Bryanna Caldwell Ties National Record for Highest Series by a Woman

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Bryanna Caldwell
Bryanna Caldwell

Former Team USA member Bryanna Caldwell of Tucson, Arizona, threw 35 strikes Tuesday to tie the national record for the highest series by a woman with an 879 set.

The achievement is pending approval from the United States Bowling Congress and would earn Caldwell a spot in the record book next to Katie Verbil of Wichita, Kansas, who rolled an 879 series in 2012.

Caldwell's performance at Tucson's Golden Pin Lanes included games of 300, 279 and 300, all with a new bowling ball, drilled just before the start of the Ebonite Elite league session at the 48-lane center.

She broke the Arizona women's state record of 847, set by former Team USA member Marcia Kloempken in 2000. The overall state record of 898 was shot by William McPherson in Phoenix in 2013.

"I was actually very nervous the first game because 300s haven't come very easy lately," said Caldwell, who now has 10 USBC-certified perfect games, including a Sport-certified 300 in 2011. "Plus, it was my first game with that ball. I handled it well, though. I took a few deep breaths and threw the best shots I could."

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