Brunswick Revolver

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Hook: 56  Length: 12.5  Breakpoint Shape: 15

Core Design: Brunswick’s new Jack symmetric core looks like a kid’s toy jack, but with the ends clipped. The RG is medium at 2.52 and the Diff hefty at .054. Testing gave us an average of 5” of track flare with 3 and 4” layouts. The 14-lb. numbers are 2.54 and .054, respectively.

Coverstock: The larger footprint of the ConneXion-Grip coverstock improves overall traction in oil and off dry. Response is moderate off dry and above average in oil. Colors are a fusion of white and purple pearls. The surface finish is sanded with 500 and 4000 Sia air pads, creating ample traction on most oilier patterns.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “Our objective for the Revolver was to develop a ball motion that had a high friction factor, with a medium-quick response to friction and a stronger, more continuous backend than previously achieved,” said Bill Orlikowski. “How we accomplished this goal was by improving the traction of our previous ConneXion coverstock by increasing the footprint size of the coverstock and engineering a new symmetrical core.”

Test Results: The Revolver was one of our top three oil performers this month. We make this statement taking the following into consideration: bowler usability, release forgiveness, range of use and, most importantly, pin carry. The Revolver was slightly easier through the fronts than a Seige with an equally strong move downlane. The Connexion cover comes to life in oil with texture from 360 up to 4000 Abralon.

When to Use: The Revolver will match up on most long or heavier patterns when traction is needed in the mid-lane and a smooth, strong arc is all that’s needed downlane. Oil carrydown is a non-issue with box finish or rougher, due to the upgraded additive in the ConneXion-Grip base resin. Players will find stronger layouts will allow for slightly more open launch angles, while tamer drillings will help keep things closed up. Our favorite all-around layout was a 60x4x40, and this was true for all three testers. Our best oil layout was the 40x3.5x60 with a P3 weight hole location.

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