Brunswick Evil Siege

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

51 Hook   15 Length   15.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The MACE asymmetric core RG is low at 2.49, which gets this bad boy revving very easily. The Diff is .056 and the mass bias (intermediate Diff) is strong at .030. We saw 6” of track flare with the 65 degree 3.5” 35 degree dual angle layout.

Coverstock: This evil younger brother to the original Siege is more attractively colored with its red and black pearl facade. The pearlized Propel reactive cover is sanded with a 4000 micro Sia pad, yet we still saw quite a bit of length. High polishing added an additional 3 feet of length. Response time was good in oil and moderate off friction.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Noted Bill Orlikowski, “Our intent for the Evil Siege was to create a ball motion with a quicker response to friction compared to the original Siege. The Siege line is designed to give the bowler outstanding forgiveness and unique versatility, allowing them to battle difficult oil conditions, improve pin action and increase their scores.”

Test Results: Naturally, we compared the Evil Siege to a comparably drilled C (System) 3.5. The Evil Siege had an average 3-4 boards less overall hook on the majority of the test patterns. We also saw a smoother downlane motion with the Evil Siege, as well as easier length. Both balls carried well, but the 3.5 handled oil carrydown better. On wet/dry patterns, the Evil Siege seemed to have the edge, though, as it offered more control off friction with its slower response time off friction. High-rev players saw more angularity with the Evil Siege as the 3.5 read the lane earlier.

When to Use: The Evil Siege will match up well for most bowler styles on light/medium to medium/heavy oil patterns, provided you’re not looking for a skid/flip breakpoint motion. Scuffing the surface will help create an earlier and stronger motion, which is an option for those not owning a Siege or who like strong solid reactive. High polishing will add easier length, to be sure, but the smooth breakpoint shape remained for us regardless of layout.

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