Brunswick C-System 4.5

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Hook: 51  Length: 14.5  Breakpoint Shape: 15.5

Core Design: The I Block symmetric core has a higher RG of 2.57 and a Diff of .053, which shows 5.5” of track flare with stronger layouts. The 14-lb. ball is very similar at 2.58 and .053. The core shape is asymmetrical and with the asymmetrical flip/block, they cancel each other out, creating symmetry.

Coverstock: The CFT v4.5 cover is colored in a bruising black and blue pearl. The finish is 500 Sia air sanded and rough buff mid-polished. Response time is quick off dry and limited in oil.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “Our objective for the C•(System) v4.5 was to develop a ball motion that was less sensitive to friction in the heads and mid-lane, and would also have a quick response time downlane after the lengthwise oil transition,” said Bill Orlikowski, Brunswick product manager. “How we achieved this goal was through the collaboration of Carmen Salvino and the Brunswick R&D team on developing a lower friction version of coverstock (CFT v4.5) and a new unique I–Block symmetrical core.”

Test Results: The tall core shape and the lower friction cover base join forces to provide more length and back-end reaction than found with the C•System 3.5. We also saw less overall total hook when compared directly against a same-layout C•System 3.5. Vintage Brunswick roll was still evident even as its quest for length and strong backend continue. The 4.5 will complement the 3.5 for broken-down and slightly lighter volume oil patterns. We still felt the 4.5 was best suited for all medium length and volume patterns as it wanted to read the midlane too early on lighter oil patterns with all but the 5” pin distance layout.

When to Use: The 4.5 will match up great for the vast majority of bowler styles on medium volumes of oil with pattern distances between 37 and 43’. We felt the core and cover matched up well as the 4.5 was all about versatility with medium length and a strong, arcing breakpoint shape. The 4.5 can be morphed somewhat with polishing to produce more skid/flip for those desiring such motion. We preferred its box finish on most conditions, though.

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