Brunswick Anaconda

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Hook: 50  Length: 15  Breakpoint Shape: 14.5

Core Design: Brunswick brought back one of our favorite low RG symmetrical cores — the Inferno — for this release. The center-heavy, fast-revving core has a 2.47 RG and a .047 Diff in 15 pounds. The 14-lb. model has a 2.50 RG and a .045 Diff.

Coverstock: The Activator-plus cover insures proven longevity and performance. Colors are a mix of black and emerald pearls. The finish is sanded with 500 Sia air and rough buff polished. Response time is moderate off dry and average in oil.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “Our objective: Fill a need to offer the Absolute Inferno reaction at the advanced performance price point,” said Bill Orlikowski. “The Absolute Inferno had a hot-selling reaction, and we accomplished this using our Activator Plus coverstock in combo with our updated Inferno core shape. Also, our new color technology gives us a ball that not only performs well, but has great shelf appeal.”

Test Results: The Anaconda will provide a great benchmark ball reaction for bowlers desiring easy length with a controlled move off friction. In the past, the Activator cover has supplied adequate traction through medium amounts of oil, even with a polished surface. The lower RG core adds to the controlled motion, and the .047 Diff offers ample variety in terms of track flare. The Anaconda displayed above-average continuation downlane through moderate amounts of carrydown, which isn’t always the case with a pearlized polished cover. Total hook was similar to an older Absolute Inferno (our control ball), but the Anaconda carried better due to its fresh cover.

When to Use: Use the Anaconda on many light-medium to medium-heavy house conditions and most Sport patterns not requiring an aggressive dull cover. Slower speeds or rev dominant players will be able to stay with this ball longer... we found little difficulty moving inside and maintaining good carry. Higher speed and lower rev players will likely opt for more surface texture to increase the ball’s read in oil, thus insuring the ball goes through its transitional phases at the correct time. Great value.

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