Broadsides from USA and Malaysia

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Some kindred spirit has liberally distributed magic dust over the lanes of Plaza Bowling in St. Maximin as the scores must be setting

Carolyn Dorin-Ballard (Martina Jakobi)

European Bowling Tour records, certainly for the number of 1400-plus scores in the qualifying rounds.

Wednesday's two squads should have charged high spectator admittance fees for both sessions. The first, at 17:00, saw Americans dominate five of the top six squad places, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard showing the men the way to do it by posting 1459. Just 22 pins behind came Bill O'Neill and then veteran Parker Bohn III joined the trio over 1400 with 1407. Trailing in fourth place came Michael Fagan with 1336. singapore's Jason Yeong Nathan spoiled an American squad-leading by slipping in 1333, 23 pins in front of sixth-placed Bill (The Joker) Hoffman.

Those in the center for the night squad at 21:00 saw a Malaysian trio top the squad score board as Adrian Ang slotted into third place in the overall standings with 1479. Team-mate Aaron Kong backed him up with 1457 and Zulmazran Zulkifli (no relation to Shalin) kept in the 1400s with 1437.

Disappointment for Shalin Zulkifli of Malaysia, yet to find her line, finishing in 20th place on the squad with a humble 1205.  The same story for England's Stuart Williams who is testing his talents this season on the Professional Bowlers Tour with medium success. He has yet to shake off the dust of last week's PBA event where he enjoyed picking up some nice dollars, bieng 15th on the squad with 1313.

Nico Joris still enjoys first position on the overall leader board, despite the broadsides fired by the international stars. It doesn't look as though it will be very long before the cut to 16th place for the elite will rise to 1400.

The schedule now switches to four daily squads on Thursday and five on Friday and Saturday.

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1 Joris, Nico BEL M A 1518 255 03 1 R
2 Alix, Yoan FRA M A 1495 256 06 3 R
3 Ang, Adrian MAS M A 1479 269 09 2 R
4 Dorin-Ballard, Carolyn USA F A 1459 287 08 2 R
5 Kong, Aaron MAS M A 1457 237 09 2 R
6 Bohn III, Parker USA M A 1451 258 07 2 R
7 Zulkifli, Zulmazran MAS M A 1437 276 09 2 R
8 O'Neill, Bill USA M A 1437 258 08 1 R
9 Verbruggen, Gery BEL M A 1430 244 05 3 L
10 Sarmadi, Mohamade FRA M A 1402 258 02 1 L
11 Buffa, Mark CAN M A 1401 224 07 1 R
12 Gauton, Marie FRA F A 1397 218 04 1 R
13 Sacco, Isabelle FRA F A 1391 266 09 3 R
14 Cayez, Vincent FRA M A 1389 222 04 4 L
15 Aiman, Nur MAS M A 1387 204 07 2 L
16 Lotthe, Xavier FRA M A 1385 237 09 4 L
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