BJI Podcast: The 84-Year-Old Man Whose Lifelong Bowling Project Will Stun You

by Gianmarc Manzione 0



Ever try to keep track of your total combined pins for more than a season or two? How about a full year or two? Three years? Five years? How about a lifetime? That is the task to which 84-year-old Paul Tamburrino has applied himself since at least the late 1950s. Paul estimates that he has bowled about 170 leagues around the country over those 60+ years, and he meticulously has recorded his combined pinfall total in one score book after another over that time, every one of which he has stored away in a crate. On Friday, Jan. 26 during the Friday Seniors league which meets at noon at Cypress Lanes in Winter Haven, Fla., Paul Tamburrino, at age 84, shot a 767 series to finally reach a milestone he had pursued with increasing anticipation in recent months. The series brought his lifetime league pinfall total to more than 4 million pins — 4,000,021 pins, to be exact. It is thanks to Paul’s two grandsons, Ryan and Maxx Tamburrino, that BJI was made aware of this man’s incredible lifelong project. Maxx currently bowls with the esteemed Webber International men’s bowling program, while his brother Ryan bowled with the program last year before graduating with a Masters Degree. So, our gratitude goes out to Ryan and Maxx for their help with this, because it’s thanks to them that you now get to hear Paul Tamburrino tell his story here on the latest edition of the BJI Podcast. You can listen here:

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