BJI Podcast: Jason Belmonte Discusses His New Bowling Video Game

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Jason Belmonte has made plenty of history on the lanes over the years but his reason for speaking with BJI Editor Gianmarc Manzione for this podcast is that he intends to make history off the lanes as well with a video game he has developed called "Bowling by Jason Belmonte" or BJB. It’s available on iOS and Android platforms and Belmo is hoping to partner with the entire bowling industry to make this “the single greatest sporting game ever made.” For Belmo, this is not just about playing a video game; it is about using a video game to drive new people into the sport of bowling and into their local bowling centers. That is the motivation behind the meticulously detailed manner in which Belmonte and his collaborators have sought to replicate real-world bowling down to every last subtlety of the physics, format and fun of our sport. You can listen to the podcast here:

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