BJI Podcast: Digging Deep into the Stats from WSOB IX

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Yet another World Series of Bowling is in the books; it’s pretty amazing to think that next year’s will mark the WSOB’s 10th anniversary. You know what else is amazing? The stats PBA CEO and Commissioner Tom Clark was posting on Facebook throughout the World Series this year thanks to PBA’s affiliation with For this special Thanksgiving edition of the BJI Podcast, BJI Editor Gianmarc Manzione dug deep into those stats with Clark and discussed some of the things they reveal about the current generation of PBA Tour players. Among the stats they highlight are the most commonly left spare combination on tour and how well or, as the stats show, not so well the field did in converting that combo this year; the absolutely insane strike percentage Jesper Svensson had during the event, and stats that expose glaring misperceptions about scoring pace, among other interesting numbers. Clark also shared some amazing memories of watching Liz Johnson bowl when she was 13 years old and already raising eyebrows with her talent, and that is where this podcast with Tom Clark begins. You can listen to it here:

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