HOAX: Big Lebowski 2 NOT in Development

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Our earlier report that development of a sequel to the cult-classic bowling film, The Big Lebowski, was underway has turned out to be the result of a hoax by satirical website, The National Report, which kindled the hopes of Lebowski fans everywhere (including Bowlers Journal!) that a sequel to the beloved cult-classic bowling film was in the works.

Hope that a sequel would indeed someday come to fruition has been the subject of conjecture and reporting in legitimate outlets such as NME, which last year reported that the film-making duo had "effectively ruled out making a sequel to The Big Lebowski." The story quoted the Coen brothers as saying they "just don't like sequels." And that, sadly, is where plans of a Lebowski sequel appear to stand.

The National Report's story suggests that the Coen brothers received a script for The Big Lebowski 2 that got them so excited they began devising plans to film the sequel right away. The story also suggests that filming was to begin in January, with release in summer, 2016.

The "script" had Maude Lebowski informing The Dude that they had conceived a son who had subsequently been kidnapped, prompting The Dude and friends to embark on a search for his lost son. Aside from the hoax story, The National Report also put together the above video.

And so, Lebowski fans, it seems the wait for a sequel continues, and that if the NMEs legitimate reporting is an accurate gauge of the Coen brothers' interest in The Big Lebowski 2, that may be a very, very long wait.

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