Bickel Selected For 2015 IBMA Mort Luby Award

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

BowlingdigitalEditorHerbertBickelHerbert Bickel, one of the pioneers of online real-time coverage of bowling tournaments and news, has been chosen as the winner of the 2015 Luby Hall of Fame Award by the International Bowling Media Association.

The award is presented to an individual who has made a distinguished contribution to print, broadcast, telecast, or photographic coverage of bowling over an extended period of years. It is named after Dave, Mort Sr, and Mort Jr. Luby. Dave Luby founded Bowler's Journal in 1913 and passed it on to his son Mort Sr. in 1925. Following the death of Mort Sr. in 1957, his son Mort Jr. took over the reins until 1994 when the magazine was sold to several employees. Bowlers Journal is the oldest sports magazine in the world.

Bickel is editor and owner of the Web site. Before joining Kabel New Media in 2000, the organization that developed and hosted, he was a freelance bowling writer for Germany's bowling magazine and commentator for bowling shows on European television channels including Screensport (England), DSF (Germany) and Eurosport (France).

When Kabel New Media became a victim of the 2001 dotcom collapse, Bickel bought the rights to the Web site. As's editor and owner, Bickel put his stamp on the Web site by making it the first English-language reporting service that presented in-depth worldwide bowling news coverage. He was among the first people to include podcasts, video highlights, and live streaming in his daily reports from tournaments and bowling events ranging from the World Tenpin Bowling Association and its affiliated Zone men's and women's championships to the World Games, QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, World Youth Games and International Bowl Expo.

In many instances, served as the official reporting service for those tournaments and events. The site has increased its viewership, measured in "hits," from 3.15 million in its first year of operation to more than 100 million annually, reaching nearly half a million viewers in approximately 200 countries and regions around the world. International Bowling Industry Magazine. As a result, has a warehouse of 45,000 photos and images archived online available to bowling journalists researching stories. also has its own YouTube TV station,, and offers live streaming of events via another channel,

Bickel continues to look for innovative ways of using technology and new media to showcase the sport and achieve his goal of being "the global leading bowling Web site providing current English-language first-hand information and news on bowling worldwide."

The Luby Hall of Fame Award will be presented June 24 as part of the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America Awards Luncheon at International Bowl Expo in Las Vegas.

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