Ask the Coach: Sticky Situation Pt. 2

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

Q: The finger holes (with inserts) in one of my bowling balls are snug and comfortable. However, in another ball, both fingers are loose. What is the net effect of loose finger holes on the release and pin action? Also, I prefer to put one or two pieces of tape in the far-end, nail-side of the holes so that I can remove a piece if my fingers swell or feel uncomfortable. The inserts are glued on the sides, which makes it easier to insert a piece of tape between the ball and the insert. Is there a better approach to dealing with this tape problem?

— Rich Nicodemus, Arlington Heights, IL

A: Finger inserts wear out and get larger as you bowl. Depending upon the amount of bowling you’re doing, I’d recommend replacing the inserts about every six months. As for loose or tight finger holes, it really is an individual choice. Tighter holes create a bit more lift on the ball, which should translate to more hitting action at the pins. Putting tape in a ball is another individual preference, and your idea of putting it between the grip and the finger hole creates the desired effect of reducing the size of the hole without interfering with the feel of the insert.

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