AMF Shredder

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

48 Hook 15.5 Length 15.5 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Shredder’s symmetrical core design is new and powerful. The RG is low at 2.48 and the Diff healthy at .054. We saw nearly 6” of track flare with the 3 and 4” layouts, both with lower quadrant weight holes.

Coverstock: The F74 pearl reactive cover supplies the necessary traction for this powerful pearl. The dark cherry and purple pearl high-polished cover has moderate traction in oil, but delivers a quick and strong response off drier boards.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “This latest release from AMF features a new core and a new BASF shell formulation,” said AMF Brand Manager Eric Thomas. “The Shredder core has a unique design shape that gives off the impression that the core is asymmetric, but in all properties is symmetric. Wrapped around this “half-metrical” core is a new F74 cover that has claws designed to create a higher degree of entry angle.”

Test Results: The Shredder is AMF’s strongest polished pearlized cover (F74) since the F75 covered Sideways (September 2009 BJI). The Shredder performed great on our medium to medium-heavy oil patterns at all lengths. We saw a quick and decisive move off dry boards with great continuation through the pin deck. It appeared as though moderate carrydown had little adverse affect except with our long pin drilling of 5.5” from the PAP. We were able to open up our launch angles, which was beneficial on our house conditions, but troublesome on the Sport variety. On Sport patterns, our favorite look was with the 5.5” pin at 2k and 4k surface sandings.

When to Use: Use confidently on most THS (typical house shots) when playing inside the oil line and launching toward friction at the breakpoint. Hitting power and carry power were at their best in this environment and, boy, did we strike. Heavier and flatter-pattern bowlers should employ duller surfaces to increase oil and mid-lane traction while slowing down the response time off dry. Players can drill the Shredder with their favorite two-piece layout and have some fun.

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