AMF Mega Recovery

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

58 Hook  10 Length  15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: AMF decided to go extremely low with this symmetric core. Its 2.45 RG and .054 Diff produced near 6.5” of track flare with our lower pin drilling and weight hole 2” below the Pap.

Coverstock: This Jason (of Halloween fame) inspired color schemed mix of orange and black blurs easily due to its fast revving nature. The solid F75 cover is gritted at 1000 for more than enough oil traction. Response time off friction was quick and traction in oil was well above average with the 1000 finish.

Manufacturers Intent: “Mega Recovery adds a new look to the Mega Friction line.  The Recovery stores energy longer and produces more continuation than the Friction. Bowlers will get a ball that handles quite a bit of oil and provides them with a predictable finish every shot.” Thanks to Eric Thomas of 900 Global for his words.

Test Results: This edition in the Mega line provides a very aggressive midlane read with surprising extended continuation downlane. We were delighted to be able to stay with this hook monster through oil break down as we could make aggressive moves inside the oil line and retain a very high percentage of pin carry. This is not always the case with low RG, 1000 sanded solid reactives!  We were also amazed at its ability to preserve its backend continuation even when accidently thrown into the burn! We rarely experienced any hook out which is also rare with such a strong fast revving product. We also compared the Mega Recovery to a half dozen of the top selling super hookers from the major manufacturers and it held its own and was often the strongest ball out there.

When to Use: With its 1000 grit aggressive solid reactive cover and ultra low RG core, most players will see their best matchups on longer and heavier volumes of oil to be sure. We felt a 2 or 4k grit surface allowed for more extended uses for bowlers possessing slightly slower ball speeds or those with higher rev to speed ratios. We only noticed about a 1-2 board decrease in total hook when changing the surface from 1000 to 4000 with about a 1 ½ foot later move. Normally we see a 3-4 decrease in overall hook. In regards to our favorite layout options: the 4.5 above and 5” below pin distances gave us our highest carry percentages on our six test conditions for our low, medium and higher rev rate test staff.

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