AMF Double Clutch

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

56 Hook   13 Length   15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The Double Clutch’s asymmetric core starts with a medium 2.52 RG, middles a .040 Diff and finishes with a .020 intermediate Diff. This core is matched well with the strength of the F62 cover formula.

Coverstock: The aggressive nature of the F62 cover at 2k grit belies the black and blue color scheme. The duller grit supplies ample traction in oil, coupled with a slower response at the end of the pattern. Smoothing and polishing the F62 cover will quicken the response off drier boards.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The Double Clutch has a brand new engine with a new set of tires,” is the way AMF Brand Manager Eric Thomas characterizes the reaction. “This ball also has a new shell formulation from BASF that is rated at F64 (reactive solid). This core/cover combo provides our most aggressive performance at this price point. When compared to the original Clutch, this new addition offers more overall hook, but is designed for a heavier volume of oil in the fronts and mid-lane.“

Test Results: If you want hook on heavier oil and no snap at the end of the pattern, the Double Clutch will serve it up just fine. We saw hook-out on only lighter and shorter patterns, so please use it on medium and oilier volumes. The F64 cover is medium in strength, but the 2k surface craves oil. We found the Double Clutch to be 7-8 boards stronger in oil than the Shredder, but with a slower response when faced with drier boards. The balls complement each other well, which may have been AMF’s intention. Our favorite layouts were the 4 and 5” pin distance layouts with lower quadrant weight holes.

When to Use: Use the Double Clutch when facing longer and heavier oil volumes and when you’re looking for solid midlane read and arcing motion near the pins. We also liked the reaction with a 4k sanding and mid-polish as this gave us a slightly later and quicker move at the breakpoint. As with most strong asymmetrics, the layout can help confirm the shape of the hook one desires. Be sure your ball driller knows your game and your specs.

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