100 Years w/ Mort Luby, Mort's published stories in this 10 part series.


Writing is hard work. After more than a half century of laboring on keyboards of various ilk (Smith Corona, Remington, Compugraphic, IBM, Apple, etc.), I can assure you that this is not an easy way to make a living.

But writing history is even harder. As an avid reader of history books and historical novels, I’ve always sensed that it must be brutally difficult to assemble all the research and construct a plausible historical narrative that will entertain (and perhaps educate) the reader. Now I know; it’s more difficult than I ever dreamed.

My task was complicated by the fact that I haven’t done much writing since I retired more than a decade ago. I still write an occasional piece for this magazine and love doing it. But the tale-spinning knack that you acquire by writing many thousands of words a year diminishes quickly when you become an occasional writer.

I made several false starts on chronicling the history of our company. At first, I tried to avoid repeated mentions of my own family, theorizing that I might be able to tell you most of the story without describing the actors. That didn’t work at all. I finally decided that I’d better work in all of the essential characters that played pivotal roles in the development of the company, even if they happened to be named Luby.

Out of fear that I might bore you, Dear Reader, I tried to make this history as brief as possible, consistent with the object of putting down all the essentials. This meant giving a lot of important people and events very short shrift. This was painful for a congenital storyteller, like myself. Some episodes which deserved a chapter were relegated to a brief sentence. For this, I apologize.

Anyway, this little junket down memory lane, which will unfold in 10 parts, has been a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy it.

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