900 Global Break Out

by Gianmarc Manzione 0

53 Hook   14 Length   15 Breakpoint Shape

Core Design: The low RG asymmetric core comes in at 2.48 with a .058 Diff. The mass bias is strong at .024. This core is also used in the Break S 75. Testing garnered up to 6” of track flare with the 3.5 and 4.5” pin layouts.

Coverstock: The Breakout’s blue and purple solid reactive cover is rated at S 70, which is at 900 Global’s higher end of traction. Its surface is sanded with 4000 Abralon, which allows adequate length on most medium/heavy to heavier patterns. Response time was moderate off drier boards, but was above average in the oil. We believe mid-polishing is your best bet to quicken the response off dry boards.

Manufacturer’s Intent: Eric Thomas, 900 Global’s brand manager, said, “We wanted to re-establish a benchmark ball reaction in our lineup. The Break Out will give us the versatility and down-lane reaction that everyone wanted. Newcomers to 900 Global will get their first taste of the ball that started it all. Bowlers that have been with us for awhile will get that Black Break reaction they’ve missed.”

Test Results: The Break Out reminded us of the Break S 75 (released last July) with its strong midlane and total hook. We felt the Break Out had slight tendencies to lay off some, especially in the final 20 feet with lower pin drillings and closer pins. This is definitely a control ball with above average hook characteristics on medium and heavier oil. We also noticed the strong intermediate Diff rating of .024 can help define the shape of hook the player wants. Our favorite mass bias location for THS patterns was between 4.5 and 5” from the PAP.

When to Use: Most styles will enjoy the fast-revving core motion the Break Out delivers, coupled with its aggressive coverstock for medium and heavier oil patterns. By now, most of us realize that oil volume normally dictates the cover surface strength we should use. The Break Out is aggressive and can be surface-changed to be even more so by using lower-grit sanding media. Smoother and polished surfaces will help create a more skid/flip motion from this powerful ball.

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