The Torgersen Comeback

by Bob Johnson 0

After opening his first three games with truly consistent 258, 259, 259 for a 776 series, Norwegian international looked to be on

Tore Torgersen

course for at least a high 1400 series, if not breaking into 1500.

But the fickle finger of fate decreed otherwise and although his fourth game was 248, he finished the last two 192 aand 182 and with a total of 1396 slid back down the rankings.

The only other to break 1300 on this squad was Sweden's Karl Wahlgren with 1320.

Sweden features once again as top scorer for the four women on this squad was Nina Flack, posting 1244 including her 48 point bonus.

Torgersen is an international tenpin star much missed over the recent tournaments, taking time olfftravel to attend to his pro shop business and attend to his family life.

"I have been bowling less this year," Torgersen explained. "I have been bowling, but not on the European Tour. I have missed being around, but someetimes when you see the scores it looks as though all the good guys are bowling so well. I'm finding it a long way back but afterwinning this squad I feel like I am a contender again.

"I will not compete in all of remaining EBT events as I want to stay home and look after my pro shop business and my boys. Since 1994 Nilsson has been my coach and he is coaching the guys in the club, so once in a while I go down there and work with him. He lets me know if I am doing something terrible but a lot of the time I am coaching my son.

"Because I have a pro shop I have to be up to date with all the new balls ad I have been drilling some for myself, but most of the time I don't get to use them so often as I don't bowl so much. for this tournament I have brought balls I used the previous season, so they are older balls."

It is great to see Torgersen back in the leaders' circle and to be a good each way bet for Sunday's finals.

Full tournament information and results:


P Player Federation 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pins Hdcp Total
1 Mats Maggi Belgium 234 254 237 205 245 249 1424 0 1424
2 Ildemaro Ruiz Venezuela 228 238 255 219 245 239 1424 0 1424
3 Osku Palermaa Finland 174 255 232 259 247 232 1399 0 1399
4 Eike Kabowski Germany 252 204 222 269 255 195 1397 0 1397
5 Tore Torgersen Sweden 258 259 259 246 192 182 1396 0 1396
6 Marcial Ovide Marron Catalonia 234 235 267 217 202 234 1389 0 1389
7 Dennis Eklund Sweden 233 289 215 216 222 206 1381 0 1381
8 Perttu Jussila Finland 189 244 267 233 200 245 1378 0 1378
9 Peter Ljung Sweden 235 216 275 203 233 209 1371 0 1371
10 Paul Moor England 225 214 201 235 210 248 1333 0 1333


Bob Johnson

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