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Inside Line / by Gianmarc Manzione -

Brunswick Slingshot

With box finish, the Slingshots will be relegated for dry to medium volumes for the vast majority of rev rates and styles. The ultra low flaring core will help bowlers square up to their intended lane targets as well as be able to stay with this same ball, providing oil carrydown is minimal.

Inside Line / by Gianmarc Manzione -

Brunswick Evil Siege

The Evil Siege will match up well for most bowler styles on light/medium to medium/heavy oil patterns, provided you’re not looking for a skid/flip breakpoint motion.

Inside Line / by Gianmarc Manzione -

Brunswick C(system) 3.5

The 3.5 is a supercharged version of the 2.5 — one of Brunswick’s most successful balls last year — as it gave us an average of 3-4 boards more total hook, with slightly more attitude off the dry.

Inside Line / by Bob Johnson -

Brunswick Wild Card

A steady, smooth reaction fits right between the Wild Thing and Seige, satisfying Brunswick fanatics on medium-heavy patterns.