BJI Podcast host, Gianmarc Manzione

THE BJI PODCAST is hosted by Gianmarc Manzione, Editor of Bowlers Journal. This is the place where all movers and shakers in the bowling industry stop by for a chat about the latest news and notes in bowling, from industry executives and PBA champions to hall of famers, great coaches, and others. Guests of the BJI Podcast have included PBA Tour Commissioner, Tom Clark; World Bowling President, Kevin Dornberger; PBA champions such as Norm Duke, Dom Barrett, Chris Barnes, Mike Fagan, Mika Koivuniemi, Tom Daugherty, Randy Pedersen, Bob Learn Jr., Anthony Pepe, Andres Gomez, Michael Haugen, Josh Blanchard and others; PWBA stars such as Danielle McEwan and Missy Parkin, and rising stars such as 2014 Teen Masters champion, Michael Coffey. New to the BJI Podcast? There is plenty here for you to explore. And be sure to stay tuned, as new podcasts are always in the works and will be posted here.









Steve Hoskins on his return to professional bowling:




Norm Duke on winning PBA Tour titles at age 54:






Matt Ogle on his life journey from lawn guy to PBA Tour champion:







Gold coach Susie Minshew on her wide-ranging new instructional book, "The Chamber of Bowling Secrets."










Rob Stone of FOX Sports on returning to PBA Tour play-by-play.





Diana Zavjalova Talks skateboarding, hairdressing and, oh yeah, winning her third PWBA Tour title on Aug. 4.













2018 U.S. Women's Open champion Liz Kuhlkin recalls her frightening flight into Florida and the blistering block she subsequently bowled in the 2018 PWBA St. Petersburg-Clearwater Open.










PBA Rookie of the Year on the leadership role he has taken on with big Brothers Big Sisters of America, his topsy-turvy Rookie of the Year season last year, and more.










USBC Hall of Famer and bowling blogger Jeff Richgels discusses changes to USBC Open Championships rules. Plus, a special comment by Gianmarc Manzione.









Mark Roth looks back on the 40th anniversary of his record 1978 season:





USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy on Open Championships rules changes, more:


Jason Belmonte on how his new video game may bring new people into the sport:






Tom Clark discusses PBA decision to leave ESPN for FOX:










Bowlers rallying behind families of Stoneman Douglas High School shooting:



Michael Azcarate: The five-time PBA Regional champion who lives and teaches math to middle schoolers just a few miles away from Stoneman Douglas High School, site of the school shooting that broke America's heart on Valentine's Day.




Paul Tamburrino: The 84-year-old man whose lifelong bowling project will stun you


Jan 26, 2013; Allen Park, MI, USA; During the PBA Detroit Winter Swing at Thunderbowl Lanes. Credit: Tim Fuller-PBA


A Wildly Entertaining Conversation with Carmen Salvino


07 January 2018 - USBC Team USA Trials and U.S. Amateur Championships in Las Vegas, NV (Photo by Gregg Ellman)


Kyle Troup on Winning the 2018 Team USA Trials


06 August 2017 - PWBA St. Petersburg - Clearwater Open at the Plano Super Bowl, Plano, Texas. ©ELLMAN PHOTOGRAPHY

Shannon O'Keefe Looks Back on Her Crazy 2017










Tom Clark and Gianmarc Dig Deep into Stats from WSOB IX









John Buchanan III, Oldest Bowler to Shoot a Certified 900 Series




Sep 10, 2016; During the PBA Bowl Fall Swing Tour at Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park, MI. Credit: Tim Fuller

E.J. Tackett, 2016 PBA Bear Open champion


51st Tournament of Champions

BJI's Editor, Gianmarc Manzione, was at Shawnee, Okla., at Firelake Bowling Center throughout the week reporting from the 51st PBA Tournament of Champions.

Featuring Jesper Svensson after he stunned Firelake Bowling Center with his 289-300 start during the Cashers' Round Thursday morning. 

Featuring E.J. Tackett and Dom Barrett talking failure, forgetting, and especially . . . coffee.

Featuring a recap of the 2016 PBA Hall of Fame induction ceremony, as well as D.J. Archer, Marshall Kent, and Jesper Svensson talking about their game plans for the coming week after Monday's Tournament of Champions practice session.

Featuring Anthony Pepe and E.J. Tackett after Pepe's stunning, come-from-behind defeat of Tackett in the title match of the PBA Grand Casino Southwest Winter Open.


Featuring Chuck Ford, father of 15-year-old PBA member, trey Ford III; Anthony Lavery-Spahr, and Tom Daugherty.



Danielle McEwan, 2015 PWBA Tour Championship winner and the ninth woman to win a PBA Regional title



Kevin Dornberger

Kevin Dornberger, World Bowling President, on Bowling's Failure to Gain Inclusion in the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.


John Janawicz.jpg

7-Time Team USA member, John Janawicz, on trotting the globe as bowler and lane man, and crushing the 2015 PABCON Men's Championships.



PBA Tour Commissioner, Tom Clark, on Relocation of WSOB VII.

Pepe.Anthony_ElmhurstNY_2014WSOB(1)-1PBA Champion, Anthony Pepe, on Coming Out as a Gay Athlete.



Anthony Pepe

Cheetah Champion, Anthony Pepe.

Koivuniemi.Mika_AS_2014Badger(10)Viper Champion, Mika Koivuniemi.

DJArcherChameleon Champion, D.J. Archer.

RonnieRussellRonnie Russell, 300 Game, Chameleon Championship.

MichaelHaugenScorpion Champion, Michael Haugen.

CoffeyPBAChallengeTeen Grand Masters Champion, Michael Coffey.

MissyParkin4Women's PBA Challenge Champion, Missy Parkin.

BlanchardActionMen's PBA Challenge Champion, Josh Blanchard.






18-time PBA Champion, Chris Barnes.





Hall of Famer and 38-time PBA champion, Norm Duke.





PBA Hall of Famer and Color Commentator, Randy Pedersen.





PBA champion, Tom Daugherty.




Danielle McEwan0073.jpg


PWBA star and Team USA veteran, Danielle McEwan.






4-time PBA champion, Dom Barrett.






Coach and 5-time PBA champion, Bob Learn Jr.





PBA champion, Chris Loschetter.



Burkett.John_SouthlakeTX_2015(7)-1Former MLB All-Star turned Pro Bowler, John Burkett.