MoRich Aggressive Motion

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52 Hook 13 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape Manufacturer’s Intent: “In designing the Aggressive Motion, we created a hooking symmetrical ball to complement our Perpetual Motion,” Morich’s chief guru, Mo Pinel, told us. “The Aggressive Motion has a much more aggressive, but versatile, cover that is finished 500/2000 from the factory. It is a slightly milder […]

MoRich DestroyR

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60 Hook 14 Length 16 Breakpoint Shape Core Design: The unique asymmetric core design has a medium RG of 2.51. The strong Diff level of .048 combined with the mass bias of .016 will produce 5.5” of track flare with layouts using pin distances of 3 to 5.5”. This same core is shared by the […]

MoRich: Perpetual Motion

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50 Hook 14.5 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape Core Design: The mushroom shape of Mo Pinel’s first symmetric core is unique in its low RG (2.47) and high Diff (.054) structure. This shape revs easily and is matched with the new cover formula. We saw as much as 5” of flare with our 60x3x30 dual angle […]

MoRich: RipR

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55 Hook 14.5 Length 16.5 Breakpoint Shape Core Design: The asymmetric Awakening core supplies enough internal dynamics and works very well with Dual Angle technology. The RG is medium at 2.54, the Diff medium at .042 and the intermediate Diff is .013. Double-thumb drilling can create Diff readings well above the USBC limit of .060, […]

MoRich Mania

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MoRich Mania

Pinel loves to push the envelope for total hook and rotational energy. The Mania delivers the goods as it hooks as much or more than many of the super premium products.

MoRich Craze

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MoRich Craze

A pearl coverstock makes this ball, featuring a modified Awakening core, a great 1-2 punch with MoRich’s previously released Frenzy.