900 Global Bank

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53 Hook   14.5 Length   15.5 Breakpoint Shape Core Design: 900 Global’s asymmetric core design incorporates a low RG of 2.48, a .054 Diff and moderate mass bias of .020. The 14-lb. version is 2.50, .050 and .018. Testing showed nearly 6” of track flare with 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5” pin distance layouts. Global calls this […]

Storm 2Furious

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49.5 Hook   14 Length   14.5 Breakpoint Shape Core Design: The unique stepped-symmetrical core shape, with the mass centered well above the geometric center, helps delay and increase the back-end hook motion. The RG is medium at 2.53 and the Diff strong at .045. We saw nearly 5” of track flare with stronger 3 and 4” […]

Storm 2Fast

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48 Hook   15 Length   15 Breakpoint Shape Core Design: Storm’s N.O.S. symmetric core brings a new dimension to the Fast and Furious line. The increased Diff of .045 supplies an extra 1” or so of track flare to increase midlane-read. The 15-lb. RG level of 2.53 keeps dynamics in the middle range. The 14-pounder has […]

Motiv Cruel C51

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54 Hook 14 Length 16 Breakpoint Shape Core Design: Motiv decided to finally come over to the dark side with the Cruel C51, its first asymmetric core design. The company also decided to push the limits of power as the 7” flare potential core boasts a Diff reading of .060, the USBC maximum. The intermediate […]