Coverstock Chart

EVER WONDER WHAT COVERSTOCK SURFACE YOU SHOULD USE? Bowlers Journal International is proud to feature the industry’s first universal coverstock and ball surface adjustment chart, compiled specifically with our experienced readers in mind.

The idea behind the chart is simple: Look up your lane condition, then scroll down to find the appropriate coverstock surface. Obviously, the “universal” nature of the chart is dependent on a bowler’s individual game, rev rate, speed, axis rotation and much more. In putting together this chart, we tried to consider the most common modern high-average bowler — a decent amount of hand (275-325 rpm), 30-50 degrees of axis rotation and moderate speed. Adjust as needed to suit your own physical game; if nothing else, the following chart can serve as a starting point for your own experimentation and continued bowling education.

Click the picture below to download a .pdf version of Bowlers Journal International’s coverstock adjustment chart, which originally ran in the August 2009 issue.