AMF Bowling Center Destroyed in Oklahoma Tornado

May 21st, 2013  |  Published in Business

The 2-mile-wide tornado that devastated the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, took dead aim on the city’s bowling center: AMF Moore Lanes.

According to reports from CNN and the BBC, the center was completely destroyed Monday when tornado winds approaching 200-mph leveled much of the city and killed, at last report, 24. For one reporter, the only way the site could be identified as that of a bowling center was the presence of a badly charred bowling ball amidst the rubble.

AMF Moore Lanes was located adjacent to Interstate -35, which connects Moore with Oklahoma City to the north and Norman, Okla., to the south. In 1976, the center, then known as Moore Bowl, hosted the 30th annual Bowlers Journal Championships.

To view the report from the BBC, go to:

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