Motiv: Thrash Frenzy

March 16th, 2013  |  Published in Ball Reviews

48 Hook 16 Length 16 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The new Thrash Frenzy is built for medium oil and late hook,” says Motiv’s Scott Hewitt. “It is a pearl ball with plenty of length and a very angular back-end motion. In particular, we designed this to be a ball that would be amazing on a shot that is getting beat up. When the Primal Scream [October 2012] begins to burn up energy and hit weak, we want people to be able to transition into the Thrash Frenzy.”

Core Design: The Quadfire core has an RG of 2.55 with a differential of .043 for 15-lb. equipment. The taller design shape helps ensure length, and the .043 differential provides nearly 4.5 inches of track flare for down-lane hook.

Coverstock: The Whiplash pearl coverstock provides long and strong motion. Coloring is an attractive blend of blue and aqua pearl. Factory finish is 2000 grit, with a Motiv Gel polishing. Our laser reading is 5275 effective surface grit, with a Ra of 2.10 — great for added length. Oil traction is very limited and response time off dry is quick and strong.

Test Results: The Thrash Frenzy is Motiv’s best choice for a skid/flip ball motion for medium and lighter oil volumes. It offers less total hook than the Primal Scream or Primal Impulse (December 2011), but more than the pearl Ascent (July 2012). Hitting power is above average for all the Motiv balls we’ve tested this past year, likely due to the new reactive resin supplier the company secured.

When to Use: On fresh medium oil patterns, the Thrash Frenzy was a touch too skid/flippy for our liking, but that was not Motiv’s intended condition. On moderate to severe breakdown, the ball was at home and performed very well for us. Energy retention was never an issue, even for our slower low rev tester. Our higher speed tester (18-mph-plus) enjoyed the hitting and carry power, but he did need to pay attention to his speed control, as any excess speed on his part created too much push in the midlane. Fortunately, Motiv offers a multitude of length, hook and motion shapes to help suit any bowler’s physical game.

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