DV8: Diva

February 16th, 2013  |  Published in Ball Reviews

49 Hook 16 Length 16 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “For the Diva, we targeted an all-purpose ball motion with strong backend,” says DV8’s Aaron Koch. “With the Class 6G cover and the new Diva core, the Diva skids through the front and midlane, revs hard on the backend and then finishes strongly through the pin deck. The Diva will play on a wide variety of lane conditions for many different styles of bowlers.”

Core Design: The Diva symmetric core has a medium RG of 2.51 and a healthy .052 differential. Strong drilling layouts should produce nearly 5.5 inches of track flare for those looking for added total hook. The conservative shape was both release-friendly and very continuous through the pin deck.

Coverstock: The Diva has a pink and black color scheme. The factory finish on the Class 6G cover is sanded with 500 SiaAir, Rough Buff finished and then high-gloss polished. Response time off friction is moderately quick and oil traction is limited. The Ra is 1.5 and the surface grit measures 5450, great for lighter oil patterns.

Test Results: The Diva expands the motion range from DV8 in its upper mid-priced segment. The stronger formula cover (6G) increases overall hookability compared to the Class 3 covers of the Reckless (September 2011) and Too Reckless (December 2011) balls. The Diva clears the front easily and makes a strong, hard arc in the final 20 feet. I’d classify the motion as skid/flip on fresh medium volumes to skid/strong arc through transitioned patterns. Overall roll and hitting power were very good on blended patterns for all testers. On fresh house patterns with higher ratios, we noticed moderate over-under characteristics. A light surface scuff solved this minor annoyance, as it usually does.

When to Use: The Diva will come to play on most light to medium volumes of either Sport or house patterns. We felt we had our best looks on Sport with the Diva at box finish (high polished). With a light scuffed finish and at 4000, the Diva gave us added targeting room and better pin carry on our house shot test patterns, which were oiled with 8-to-1 side-to-side ratios of 25-ml. oil volume at 41 feet. The three DV8s tested this month would make a great 1-2-3 punch in anyone’s arsenal.

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