Visionary: Mixed Breed Crossover

January 16th, 2013  |  Published in Ball Reviews

53 Hook 14 Length 15 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “By combining the Mohawk and Serpentine cores, we have created a core that is a mixture of epic proportions,” says Jason Wonders of Visionary. “This core has been proven in both the Mixed Breed and Mixed Breed Pearl. Combined with a hybrid version of our React-A-Tack coverstock, this ball gives great mid-lane read without giving up back-end reaction.”

Core Design: The hybrid Mohawk/Serpentine asymmetric core design complements the hybrid coverstock for overall usability. The RG is higher at 2.56, while the differential is medium at .045. The lower PSA of .010 will have a subtle impact on drilling layouts. We saw nearly 5 inches of maximum track flare during testing. This core shape revved easily despite the higher RG rating.

Coverstock: Visionary’s React-a-Tack hybrid formula coverstock is factory finished with a 2000-grit sanding. Colors are a mix of blue, green pearl and yellow pearl. The response time off friction is moderately quick. Oil traction is just slightly below average. The Ra level of 5.20 matched the 3400 average surface grit reading. These numbers matched up great on medium-heavy oil volumes.

Test Results: The Mixed Breed Crossover will offer most bowler styles a true benchmark mid-lane and breakpoint motion. The factory 2000-grit sanding will match up well on most fresh house or Sport shots by lessening side-to-side wet/dry touchiness. It also will provide enough read in the midlane, followed by a smooth but continuous down-lane arcing motion. Our test balls rolled similarly with the pin positioned either above or below the fingers. The only difference we saw was a touch more angularity with our higher pin drilling.

When to Use: Players who want control and a smoother arcing motion should seriously consider the Mixed Breed Crossover. We loved the ball on our fresh test patterns, not only because of the friendliness it displayed, but because it played easily through the transitional phases that occur regularly. Our low, medium and higher rev rate testers all enjoyed above-average pin carry. The large core, thick coverstock and history of longevity are just a few bonuses one gets with many Visionary products.

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