Motiv: 2Cruel

August 5th, 2012  |  Published in Ball Reviews

55 Hook 14.5 Length 16.5 Breakpoint Shape

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The 2Cruel is the first Motiv ball ever to provide a long and angular motion on heavy oil. This is no easy task, but the 2Cruel delivers in a big way,” says Scott Hewitt of Motiv. “It really showcases its potential in the second and third game when the heads get beat up and the heavy oil pattern pushes down the lane.”

Core Design: The new Sinister asymmetric core shape was developed by Motiv specifically for the 2Cruel. The design offers a medium RG of 2.55, a strong differential of .053 and an intermediate diff of .018. Motiv makes some of the industry’s strongest asymmetric core configurations.

Coverstock: Providing the needed lane traction for the Sinister core is the Whiplash hybrid cover. The ball is sanded to 4000. Colors are a pin-bruising black and blue blend. The oil traction measures at medium. Response time off drier boards is quick and strong. The Ra reading is moderately low.

Test Results: The 2Cruel proved to be one of our favorite medium-heavy to heavy oil balls ever tested. We saw a fast revving action despite the 2.55 RG, a heavy rolling mid-lane presence, and a powerful, hard-arcing finish downlane. Pin carry was very good when we played “in” the oil and when we circled it some. The only time we felt the need to bag it was when we completely fried the midlane and the ball began to read up too quickly. Higher speed-to-rev rate bowlers may not experience this plight, though. When we brought the surface to a smoother finish with Motiv’s Gel polish, we had an easier time navigating friction areas, as this allowed us to get even deeper and create steeper angles with a surprisingly angular breakpoint.

When to Use: Use the 2Cruel when trying to open up the lane and create a more angular down-lane motion path. Down-and-in styles may be better served with Motiv balls with slower response covers such as the Ascent solid (July 2012), Thrash (January 2012) or Sigma series (September 2011 and May 2012), with the appropriate drilling layout. Those who prefer to boom it and cover some lane need simply apply their favorite layout and fire away.

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